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The Jump from Denon's D1100 to D2000, Worth it?

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The D1100's are $135,

The D2000's are $226.

Are the D2000's better than the D1100's without an amp?

If I get an amp I would probably get the FiiO E7/E9 combo for $200.

Will this power the D2000's well?


So this would leave me with the choice between:

D1100's: $135 (Would be played from an iPod)

D2200's: $226 (Would be played from an iPod)

Which between these two sounds better without the amp?


Is it worth spending $426 on the amp and D2000?


How big is the difference between these setups? How close is the D1100 to the D2000?

I rather save the money if the difference is not worth the price.

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I myself don't suggest the D2000 at all without an amp. Without one the D1100 would be driven a lot better, but I can't say they would sound better. The D1100 are VERY bass heavy to my poor ears. Call me crazy, but the sound out of my D2000 felt quite balanced at times and the bass was well controlled with a desktop amp. The F7/F9 should be very good for them. Some say the D2000 is just fine without an amp, but I don't like how it sounds without one. I myself would not use one unamped.


I can definitely suggest the D2000. I love it despite it not having my preferred sound signature. I just disliked it without an amp. I even liked the mids on them despite many saying they were recessed. Even vocals were good on my pair and didn't sound distant or hard to hear. Guess I got lucky. I actually had the D1100 a few days ago but hated it. I think it's the most bass heavy headphone I've ever heard in my life. It felt even more bass heavy than my M50 and DT-990. BTW does anyone know if the D1100 is more bass heavy than the DT-770 80 ohm? Probably not.

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Even if it only needs the E7 amp to run it to its fullest, there is still a $200 difference, otherwise the combo makes it $300 more.

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So you think the extra $300 is worth it?

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the e7 should probably take good care of the d2000's.

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iPod with "bass reducer" EQ adjustment should make the D1100 sound pretty good unamped for the price. Optimally would be being able to adjust the bands yourself which iPod won't let you it seems (Apple sure knows how to limit configurability in an annoying way :s)

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The 1100 are very bass heavy headphone and are very dark sounding headphones to my ears. 


the d2000 are balance sound to me.


I find the d2000 to sound better than the d1100, although the d1100 are easier to drive.  The d1100 doesn't need an amp to sound good.  They drive well with both my laptop and iphone 4, although sounds better with my iphone 4.


I find them to be different sounding headphone and share the common denon sound sign.


I like the d2000 more.  In my opinion, the d1100 can sound unnatural with a few songs I listen too.  The vocal are hit miss with female voice. Maybe EQing will fix this as other seems to find the d1100 need EQing to sound there best.

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Yea it's cuz of the darkness and bass quantity the EQ comes handy for D1100, for some it's definitely too much dark or bassy, why I usually recommend an EQ with it to minimize the chances that the person wouldn't be happy with it but some people prefer a colored warm sound too so it's not necessarily bad for everyone that it isn't exactly balanced as every1 has a bit different taste how it should sound like. I personally prefer the Denon's D1100 or XB500's sound signature which are both very similar (I'm still waiting to receive the D1100, should be here hopefully tomorrow or tuesday so then I will know for certain but the description sounds exactly like it) however there's a point ofc when a headphone becomes too bassy or too warm or smooth/dark sounding too even if I usually like such sound so that's what I wanna find out about D1100 compared to XB500, how warm/dark/smooth etc they sound compared to each other.


D2000 is definitely better balanced/more clear sounding unEQd out of the bunch if that's what you're looking for but it's also less bassy. If I remember the OP correctly from another thread he had some Skullcandy Skullcrushers before (please don't kill me if I remember wrong about this part ^^) which is why I would have a feeling the OP would find the bass very underhelming on the D2000 to what he's used to, if he'd actually appriciate that then that's another topic to discuss though....


EDIT: Yep his previous headphones were Skullcandy Skullcrushers when I just doublechecked so please take this into consideration when giving some advice. I'm sure D1100 already sounds worlds better than the "skullcrashers" for starters. :p

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I'm just worried about taking the first step into high end headphones. I don't want to end up paying more if something that sounds almost as good is $300 cheaper. I guess looking at it more realistically, I rather spend less. With that said would the D2000's sound better than the D1100's if they are both WITHOUT amps and run from an iPod. I could always add an amp later, I just don't want to sacrifice sound quality now (as well as not being able to reach a good volume). Also I don't want to end up with the D2000's sounding worse than the D1100's if I decide to not buy an amp at all. Any advice on what to do?

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Denon D2000 + E7 or D1100 without amp is my recommendation, I wouldn't go with D2000 without amp, not with an iPod at least. I remember reading another guy was pretty satisfied with his D1100 + ipod without amp and using "bass reducer" EQ profile. Highs might still be lacking somewhat for a true head-fi'er without boosting them on EQ somewhat depending on your taste (how smooth you want the highs to sound like) but for some1 that is used Skullcandy headphones previously, I think D1100 unEQd would probably sound right in every possible way anyway so you could probably stick to the D1100 and be happy with it for the price and sometimes later when the sound has grown up on you, you could concider other options.

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If anyone has either pair and could tell me how good these songs sound (unless they aren't your type of music) on them that would be cool as well.


Zion I - Silly Puddy

Kid Cudi - CuDi Zone

Led Zeppelin - Jaded

Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand

Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him?

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RPG, would you say that the E9 is unnecessary or would it improve the quality as well?

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Originally Posted by rainBRO View Post

RPG, would you say that the E9 is unnecessary or would it improve the quality as well?

I have no idea exactly how much of a difference it would be. But I might receive the D1100 tomorrow and could possibly give some of those songs a try on them.

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I guess I should also say that the d2000 are not really bass heavy headphones.  They do have deep bass, but the bass aren't really strong.  They are more of a slow bass and aren't really the authoritive type, comes when necessary. I have only heard them without an amp and are currently waiting for my amp to come in.  Even then, from what I read the bass doesn't change that much.   The rest sounds great, I'm just more concern if you are going to be satisfied with the bass considering you come from skull candy.

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And concidering the music he mentioned I think it would be better suited with headphones with more upper bass focus than low, D2000 seems to be tiny bit on the boomier side and D1100 quite balanced or possibly tiny bit on the punchier side when we're talking deep/upper bass emphasize. D2000's type of bass usually suits better with electronica/dubstep etc while Rock or anything that has lots of drums in it usually sounds better with a stronger upper bass and not overly strong deep bass.

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