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Originally Posted by Szadzik View Post

I see you also have LA2000 - which do you prefer?

I had the LA's. They and the D5000 are gone. The D7000 has replaced them in many ways, and are not leaving. wink_face.gif

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Thanks everyone for the comments and the wealth of knowledge you have shared with me.

When I'm at home, I'll just rout the power from my laptop into my home amp and I'll stick with the BitHead when I'm on the move for now. As previously stated by another poster, in no way does the D5000 sound "bad" when amped by the bithead. I just felt they didn't express their full potential, which I confirmed using my home amp.


Thanks everyone ! 


PS: Shane55, what are your past experience with the D5000 ? What choice of amp/DAC did you use? Have you ever felt the need of an EQ modification to stifle some frequencies? Choice of source?

Do you have any tips to give me on mods ? 

Also, what did you feel were the biggest strenghts and weaknesses of these cans ? 


Thanks in advance, and sorry everyone for my sloppy english. It is not, as you probably guesses, my first language.


Cheers ! 

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Strengths: Everything above 300hz.

Weakness: Everything below 300hz.  wink_face.gif

Bass was too much for me. Boomy, bloated, flabby and it over-ran everything in the mids. This was my only complaint. Otherwise the sound is wonderful.

I don't EQ. That said, if I did... I would drop the lower frequencies by a notch or two to bring it back into tolerance.


J$ pads are said to reduce the bass bloat / impact, so they might be the only thing I'd do (if I were to own them again), but I have not heard them and so don't know if they adversely effect the overall balance. If they ONLY reduce the bass, then they would be the only mod I'd make.


My DAC1-Pre is my main source for my D7000's, but I tried everything I have with the D5000's (Outlaw RR2150, Xonar STX [as DAC / amp], iPod, Denon SACD player, Pio Elite SC-07, etc.). Nothing did as well as the DAC1, but even that couldn't tame the bass.


BTW... your english is very good.

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It really sounds great with my portable udac-2, specially  when connected to my tube amp. Even though it's 25 Ohms I agree it requires an amp to drive. It doesn't sound veiled though. It's accurate and detailed on highs, not so much as my Beyerdynamics DT 880/600. Mids sounds good. Bass is embodied, rich. Awesome headphones, very impressed. 

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Impressions reviewed.
Actually too much bass, bloated, boomy. I have to get this phone modded, can't stand it.
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