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Any one can  recommend me a pair of closed back headphones which are transportable and has enough impedance to avoid the bass roll off of my J3?

I am going to use the headphones for daily commute from home to work.


My music currently on the J3 are from the following artists and bands:


Bon Jovi



The Beatles

The Corrs

The Cranberries

The Carpenters

Michael Jackson

Jimi Hendrix

Eric Clapton


Elvis Presley.


And I currently have a list of headphones that I already have in my sig, but I was informed the HFI-780 that I have doesn't have enough impedance to avoid the bass roll off.


My budget would be below 350USD.

Thanks for any help!



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Hi, new here..


I don't know much about audio terminology and all that.. I've always loved the world of the audiophile and I've lurked on these forums for a while before deciding to join yesterday. Mainly to get some advice on what to get my father for his birthday.


My father and I are about the same when it comes to music. I don't know much about drivers and ohms and impedance or whatever else I see on these forums (I'd love to learn but it seems so overwhelming). But I know when I listen to music that sounds good, it moves me like nothing else. I bought my first IEM, Westone UM2's back in 2002 and I've loved them ever since because they made everything sound that much better. And then I found out about things like lossless audio, amping to power IEMs and headphones.. it really intimidated me.


Anyway, I'll cut the introduction there. My dad's turning 60 this month, and in Korean culture I guess that that's a big deal. But what's more of a big deal to me is that it's my dad' birthday, and I have such a hard time finding a good gift for him. I realized that he responds to music much in the same way that I do. When I do come back home to visit, I find that he often sits in his study with really crappy headphones (often ones he gets from airplanes; I know, that's so sad) leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed listening to whatever it is that he listens to, just enjoying the music.


I want to amplify that experience for him. But I'm an old jobless college student with somewhat of a budget. I guess I can be flexible. But the world of full-sized headphones is completely foreign to me. I've never owned a pair.


This is the scenario that I'd imagine:

My father gets all of his music from his CD's which he rips onto his computer (I'm fairly certain that he does it in .mp3 format). I would go home some time this month and spend a few days ripping all of his CDs into a lossless format (probably either .aiff or .alac because he uses either his iPod or his iPad to listen to his music). Frankly, I'd buy him a DAP but I don't think I can afford one.


So if I were to give you guys parameters, would you be able to throw me some suggestions? He loves listening to classical music and Christian music (my father's a Baptist minister). I can tell you off the top of my head his endless shelves of CDs of the Three Tenors, Andrea Bocelli, (insert classical composer's name here), and even some Michael Jackson and (his guilty pleasure that he hates admitting to because he's a pastor), every single Beatles album on CD. So I guess that would sort of encompass his genres of music.


I want to get him a portable amplifier and some decent full-sized headphones. Some things to consider:

- My father often travels to preach at other churches in other states and countries. I'm not sure if open-back headphones would be good.

- But considering the type of music that he listens to, would open-back headphones be better suited for him?

- If so, I don't mind going with open-back headphones and telling him that he can't really use it in public lest he annoy people.

- Because of my budget, I'm coming into this with the Fiio E11 already in mind. I know there are a ton of other better amplifiers, but Fiio's got my number when it comes to pricing. BUT! He is my dad.. so if anyone can reasonably suggest a significantly better amping alternative for a figure that's not far off, then I'm all ears. I don't really know much about amps to be honest.

- I'm sure you guys want a price budget for the headphones, but to be honest I don't know because my financial situation fluctuates almost daily. From what I've seen on these forums for the past couple of hours, it seems that the Beyer DT770 and the Beyer DT880's are popular choices, along with the AKG K701/2, and those are all in the 200-250 range, which I can afford (with the amplifier). So i guess my overall budget is approximately $300-350. 


But I'll hand it over to you guys. I didn't even know what the difference was between a Beyer DT770 80 ohm and a 250 ohm.. because I didn't know what an ohm was, or what it signified. I had to look it up...


In any case, what I want is when I come home, to see my father sitting or reclining or laying down or whatever with some full-sized cans that are spilling wonderful and beautiful music into his ears, and I want him to really be able to experience and enjoy good sound made possible through better equipment. Thank you guys in advance.



John the Peeg


(oh and by the way, I mentioned earlier that I'm not too familiar with audio jargon, so try to dumb it down for me haha)

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Anything with cello, bassoon, bass, etc will want a weighty bottom end to better reproduce those instruments.

Lower and upper mids are important for vocals strings and percussion.

Amping won't be necessary. Ask to borrow his iPod and test the headphones you're interested in buying him to make sure they can be driven to acceptable listening levels.

IPod is a respectable dap. Don't need to buy a new one.
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For his genres I would recommend something more neutral than the DT770. Of the Beyer 770, 880, 990 I would definitely recommend the 880 which is the most neutral of the three. The 880 is semi-open so it isolates a bit better than fully open cans but not as much as closed.


If you can squeeze it into your budget, I think the Senn HD600 would be great for him. It can be had for $300 so with the E11 you're right at 350. For his varying genres and obvious appreciation for music I think you can't go wrong with the HD600, its pretty neutral with great instrument separation and probably a step or two higher in sound quality than most $300 cans. However it is fully open-back.


There are a lot of options in that price range. Others will probably have more recommendations.

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Taking an amplifier out of the equation saves me some money.. or adds to the budget for the headphones lol.


So you've encompassed lows, mids and highs, which doesn't narrow my options much. I'm currently at school in Charlottesville (sorta in the middle of nowhere). I'm not sure where I can find a place to test these, so I was hoping to just order them online. I don't think testing is going to be an option.


I know that there are going to be a lot of differing opinions about what headphones I should get, but I just wanted to get an idea of what kind of cans people on these forums would gravitate towards given:

1. the budget

2. the kind of music


Thanks CrystalT

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Ah, so do you think that for the kind of music that he listens to open back headphones would be better? 

(I don't know the difference in the effect of the sound between open and closed headphones, other than that sound leaks out of open cans and not closed cans).

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Hi all. I just recently decided to get a new pair of headphones, when I stumbled across this site and the wonderful reviews. Instead of trying to comb through all the models to find one that fits my needs, I figure asking you fine folks to delve into your combined wisdom may be the faster course.


I'm looking for a set of headphones that I can wear in the office listening to music so I don't have to listen to the drama that happens around me fairly often. Isolation would be one of my highest priorities, along with lack of leakage (I don't want to bother other people in my quest not to be bothered).  I'm thinking that an over-ear set would be more suitable to my needs than on-ear, plus would help reduce fatigue (I wear glasses). My music source would be an iPod/tablet, and I mostly listen to more pop-style music, with the occasional rockish track and theater musical soundtrack.

I'm hoping to spend between US$100-150, though from my perusals of the site it seems the kind of feature set I'm looking for will generally cost more than that.


Can anyone help? Many thanks!

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Perhaps Alessandro MS1i+Fiio E11= Cost less than $300-350 wink.gif

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You're right open cans 'leak' sound and don't isolate well but they're superior in most ways including soundstage and air and don't have issues with cup distortion as some closed cans do. Its basically a cleaner more effective approach at sound quality but its not a good idea when you need isolation.


Open cans do lack bass impact compared to closed cans, by nature, but that doesn't mean you can't have good bass in open cans and for his genres the HD600 has enough. There are a lot of V-shaped headphones out there, that is to say- headphones with emphasized bass and highs and thus recessed mids, but for his music genres I don't think that would be ideal.


The DT880 you mentioned would also be a good choice IMO.


Its a bit early, some of the other guys like KG_Jag will be on later probably. He could give you some good recommendations on some of the more neutral closed-back cans in your price range.

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@zein - looks like a good compromise, but i think even as a poor college student, $150 might be skimping a little too much haha. gotta show papa bear some more love. tongue.gif


@dev - you know, just picturing my dad listening to music at home, i feel like you might be right about going with open back. not really sure how to explain it... and yeah, my dad's an old pastor. i don't think emphasized bass is quite his cup of tea biggrin.gif

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Anyone know of some sort of fun sounding and durable portables that I can get for under 150$?
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Originally Posted by poodytang View Post

audition the dt880 and dt990 for yourchoice of genres, i think those are your premier options for headphones though the dt880 will be approximately 60$ more expensive new.

Indeed I like the Dt 880, and you can easily EQ it for other genres and make it funner!

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I just ordered the DT 770 250 Ohm + Fiio E11 , thanks for help.

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I'm looking for some transportable (somewhat portable? I'll wear HD280s around in public) cans around $100-150, ordering from in the US. I've been recommended so far the M50s (and the LE, since people argue whether or not they ended up sounding different), the AKG K271s, and the NVX XPT100 (a Yoga/Fischer/Brainwavz HMS clone). I already possess a FiiO E6, and would like whatever I get to be at least somewhat compatible with it, preferring not to upgrade.


I like detail, instrument separation, isolation, and as a gamer probably want a decent soundstage, though I understand this combination is hard, especially in my price range. Most of my music is House, Trance, and other Electronic genres, as well as Rock, but I do dabble in some pop and orchestral musics. I previously owned pairs of Ety MC5s, but they have a tendency to vanish on me due to their size as IEMs.


These will be my first real cans, discounting the IEMs. Thanks in advance, guys.

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Originally Posted by Mshenay View Post

Indeed I like the Dt 880, and you can easily EQ it for other genres and make it funner!

Eqing a balanced can defeats the whole purpose of buying it.
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