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I would also suggest that, for this thread to work, the first post include some popular choices keyed to their respective strengths (bass/rock/classical/gaming/Kabuki music). Otherwise it'll just get too huge and nobody will want to sift through it all. Maybe a separate thread with a poll to gather information/consensus for what goes in the lead post would help, as it would free the OP from the burden of making personal judgment calls/getting flamed for said choices.

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Hi, I really apreciate all your help and have researched a TON, but I still don't know what to do. It is difficult for me to try out non-bose headphones because of my location in Lubbock, Texas.

Here are my needs:



I need headphones that do NOT require an amp as I will be listening to music out of my computer and zune. I don't want headphones that make the music sound like crap because of the source. I know it has some to do with impedence but not all to do with it, there are a lot of different thoughts on what works well w/o amp, so let me know what you think.


I will be in library and room mostly, but also will travel some so I want CLOSED OVER-EAR that prevent leakage and provide passive noise cancellation. I listen mostly to classical, jazz, classic rock, indie rock, and blues, so I obviously am not a bass freak, but I still enjoy my share of bass. I also usually don't listen to my music all that loud.

COMFORT(very important)

I have a relatively large head and will listen to these for long periods of time.


anywhere less than $180 or so


Not too important, but I don't want to look like a total goon in the library or in an airport/airplane. Foldability is a plus but not at all a requirement, however DURABILTY is important.



Through all my reviews I have found:

Ultrasone HFI 580 and HFI 450

Denon AH D1100 or 1001

Sennheiser HD 448, HD 438 (concerned about leakage and driveable)

ATH M50 (concerned about being driveable)

and others


Please let me know what you think of these or reccomend something different, any help is welcome. Mostly I am just having trouble coming to a conclusion from all the revies I have read.





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Can't comment on the other cans you've listed but you'll have no issues driving the M50 from those sources. Only concern is comfort there as initially I found the clamping to be a pain, literally and I don't have a big head. Using books to stretch the band out helped significantly.


And why am I the only one answering questions here?

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I'm looking for a set of headphones that don't leak much sound that are also pretty stylish to use for everyday use. I'm not gonna be using an amp, and will be mostly using my laptop and ipod. I'm looking for a set that are really bassy with a lot of boom. I can spend anywhere up to around $250. I had a pair of Sennheiser hd555's, and modded them, but they leaked so much sound, so my go to buds are the klipsch image s4's for everyday use. I was looking at the Denon d1100, but want more feedback. Thanks!

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Hey everyone.


I'd really like to find myself some good headphones, but honestly I have had no idea where to start. I'll follow the template that someone else posted earlier to tidy it up a bit.


Music genres: 75% modern rock such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric, The Strokes, etc. , 20% indierock, and 5% hip-hop.

Portable: Sure.

Price range:  Total budget is $500. I'm also looking for an amp, so factor that into the budget as well.

Amped: Depends on whether you guys say I should buy an amp or not with my price range. I'm looking towards amped though, since people seem to be hooked on that.

Closed/Open: Closed preferably, though I'm not going to cry myself to sleep if you guys recommend an open.

Looks: As long as they sound good, I don't care what they look like.



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please help me.

I want new headphones for less than $ 150.
I listen to mostly rock, classic rock, post-punk, shugeyz, sometimes jazz and metal. I would like to clean and balanced sound. I will listen only to the PC, I have no amplifiersor sound card, but I think to buy them later. also please write a few models, because maybe I will not find a model

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Looks like this thread is deal on arrival. Sorry guys, I thought Head-Fiers would help out with this but obviously clogging up the 1st page with the same threads seems to attract more attention.


Before you go ahead and do that though, I implore you to use the search feature. I can guarantee your questions aren't unique and will have been addressed in a million cloned threads. You may even want to just jump into any of the 1st page threads where you should immediately get the sense that the same headphones are usually recommended based on preference. This should give you a starting point to search out more in-depth reviews/impressions. The info's there, and you'll probably be able to make a decision quicker if you seek it out, rather than waiting for someone to reply to your thread. Good luck.

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help me.

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Based on those genres and on headphones I've had experience with I'd suggest you look into the Alessandro MS-1i. It has an energetic presentation, punchy bass and great detail. I'm sure the vocal minority will say it sounded thin, too harsh, or lacking in bass but I'd have to seriously question what those people were listening to. Look it up. It's well within your price range and is widely considered one of the best bang for buck headphones you can start out with.

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Great idea. I think I'll copy what I posted on a thread I made in here. Hope I get more advice here.


(After looking around a bit, my mind is set on a pair of AKG K240 mkIIs. I like the reviews I've been reading on it. My mind isn't completely set so if there's something that I should know about these cans, it would be much appreciated.)



I'm going to apologize ahead of time if I show any ignorance towards this topic.


I'm really sorry I have to post another one of these awful threads (I know you guys get bombarded with these every five seconds). I've been doing some homework but I'm having trouble deciding between several headphones: The M50s, the DT770s or the DT990. All of these are sold at a local shop for a rather reasonable price, but I don't know which one of these really suits my taste in music.


Firstly, I suppose I need to tell you all what genre of music I listen to: I primarily listen to more hardcore metal (Death metal, prog. metal and a lot of that new garbage), metal, rock and very little classic. I currently own the Grado SR60is and honestly, I really like them. They don't really require a lot of power to drive (so I can listen to them on my laptop and iPod), I know they're known around here as "the King of Rock", but I'm hoping I could find better without going over a mere budget of $200.


I'm also open to recommendations (if any of you have any), again, I'm looking for something that doesn't go over my small budget of $200, I'm primarily going to be using them for home listening (if they're portable and don't require a lot of power like the M50s then I guess I could use it with my DAP.), I'm also open to both open and closed headphones but I really couldn't care less as long as they sound good (I personally prefer open headphones).


Finally, I just want to thank all of you ahead of time and let you know that my audio setup is very barebone. I'm open to getting a headphone amp sometime in the future but at the moment, it might not seem likely.


EDIT: I'm also considering the AKG K240 mk II or the AKG K271 mk II. I know people don't often recommend AKGs for my personal taste in music, but I've seen some good things on them. It's mainly being considered now due to the fact that I really like the company. I think they make nice products and majority of them are (to me) eye pleasing and have a cool look to them. Shallow, I know :(.

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I don't find them uncomfortable at all, but I don't have a huge head and I have adjusted the band to lessen the clamping force.

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ok well i receive xmas money every year from my parents and this year i want to buy myself a nice pair of headphones that will last around a year or two.

things regarding what i want:

1. i listen to mostly ska, and some hip hop. and a little of all other genres.

2. i prefer over the ear headphones

3. i would prefer to have noise-cancelling features.

4. ill be willing to pay up to 300 as im planning to keep these for a year or longer.


i just maybe want some recommendations or guidance.



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I think about ms50, Sennheiser D595, 280 pro, ad700, 448

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is this reply aimed at me? haha

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