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Originally Posted by pwnm30rdi3 View Post

I really love my Earsonic SM3's but sometimes they seem to lack the "Zing" or the "Pop" I'm looking for.

I like Bass, but also I enjoy listening to Indie Music, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Dub-Step, Trance, and Acoustic music.

Since this is a large variety of genre I was thinking about getting multiple headphones?

I'm often on the go but I find myself at home wanting to kick back and put on a pair of Cans and I also wouldn't mind dragging around clunky headphones if I had to.


The budget ~ $1400.00


I love, love, love IEMs.

I was looking at the UM Merlins and have read some great reviews on how they are "Full-filling" and have good amounts of "Bass"..

The again the JHPro's look nice too.


I also want a nice Over-ear set of headphones...

Maybe a pair of HD-800's? I have heard great things from these heaphones! If I got these headphones I wouldn't have to wait to have them molded either.

I really love the look of AKG's but I don't know if I would like the sound..


Help me make up my mind.

What should I do and what combinations of headphones do you guys suggest?


Thanks soo much!!

One thing to consider with the full-sized cans is that they will definitely need a good amp. I don't know if you have one already, but if you don't that'll factor into cost. For bass, maybe look into the Denon D5000s or something, though it's well under your budget. If you like IEMs though, maybe customs are for you.


Originally Posted by iswag View Post

I love bass but not too heavy bass, i mainly listen to dubstep, techno, hiphop....BUT Smooth jazz once in a while. i need a headphones mainly made for bass but has good mids and highs as well


BUDGET: Around $150 - $200

HFI780, M50 maybe, M80, HD25.


Originally Posted by poiXquared View Post

Hey people!


I just joined head-fi and I'm new to forums and I'm still beginning to understand how this audiophile thing works. I currently have those Marshall Majors and some people say they are bad since they are Urbanears Plattan's that are rebranded?...or so they say. I have a tight budget and I'm thinking of getting new portables under $100. I got my eyes on these and I I'd like to ask if How does the Sennheiser HD-238 compare to the Audio Technica ATH SJ55? Oh and suggestions for alternatives would be great too.


btw. I listen to both slow and fast paced music; from reggae to dubstep to name a few.


also a quick side topic, anyone here know how to differentiate a genuine HD-238 vs a fake one in both sound and some cosmetic differences I'd have to be aware of?? 


some light on my questions would be much, much appreciated :)

thanks guys!

Not many people have heard the SJ55, so I don't think you'll get a ton of feedback in terms of that. As for the 238, keep in mind that they're open, and will consequently leak and let in sound. I've heard mixed reports about the marshall majors, with some people saying thy sound decent. Maybe also consider the AKG K81/K181s or the Creative Aurvana Lives.


Originally Posted by zeroemission View Post

i can't help you on the one side cable front, but would bet that sony's top of the line megabass phones sound at least as good as beats if not better and at a fraction of the price. i'm trying to find cans that have full bass but that don't suck otherwise too.


i'm starting to think that instead of looking for phones, it might just be easier to get a portable amp to drive the K44s i already have harder and using some bass boost with my players. it's a clunky solution, but every time i see a review for phones that do bass, they're always called junk by audiophiles.

Well, the Denons all have a lot of bass, and are highly praised around here, as are the Ultrasone models. Regarding the Sony XBs, I have to say I personally thought they were much too bass-heavy, and their signature is also significantly different than the Beats.


Originally Posted by kimchikim View Post

Hello Everyone!


I have done a lot of research into headphones and have decided to buy a pair of audio technica ath-m50. The only question I have is where I can get them for the cheapest price ( I live in the UK). On amazon they are 130£ at the moment. On this page http://www.iheadphones.co.uk/audio-technica-ath-m50b.html its 104£. Also on ebay there is an offer for 100£, but it ships from Hong Kong which sounds a bit suspect to me as I don't know what will happen at the customs. Does anyone know of any better deals for the m50? 


Thank you very much!


that price seems a bit high for the M50s, maybe you want to see if you can get other cans for cheaper?


Originally Posted by egonza24 View Post

I am look for some headphones that would sound great with metal and rap mostly metal though, the headphones right now that I am considering right now are the Denon AH-2000 or The Beats Pro by Dr. Dre. any other suggetions would be helpful also, the price range im in is in $300-400.

Maybe check out the HD25s, M80s, or if you don't mind open cans, Grados.


Originally Posted by kimchikim View Post

thank you for the answer! Am trying to find good deals on the ath-m50 online atm :)


another question: I have seen that the koss porta pro is only 17£ on amazon at the moment. since my brother owned these I have actually tried them out and I thought that the sound quality was really really good. I just have never tried any high end headphones so I don't have anything that I can compare it to. 


I plan to mostly use the ath-m50 with my ipod and a portable amp. Will the difference to the koss porta pro be big or is it not worth it to spend ten times the amount of money for the improvement in quality? (since I think that I won't reach the full potential of the ath-m50 with ipod and portable amp?)


thanks for any advices!

for that price, the Porta-Pros are a good deal, though won't quite compete with the M50s. Also, they're open, which means others can hear your music and you can hear your surroundings over the music, which may or may not be good. The M50s should do fine with an ipod, however. Maybe try to find something on the level of the M50s that you can get for cheaper.


Originally Posted by Eit8 View Post

I'm currently looking for a pair of Open-back cans under 150€ to use at home.


I've recently bought a zero amp/dac so amp is not a problem


Main genres: Mostly Metal (Opeth, Metallica, Death), Jazz (Miles Davis, Chet Baker) and a bit of Rap and Electronic

Signature: I like natural, detailed sound and clear voices

Sources: Clip+ , Desktop (using DAC )


I'm currently oriented to buy HD598 because of the comfort and because it's probably good with everything I listen too except maybe Metallica and Death, but I'd prefer try to consider some cheaper cans too if possible.

Getting a Grado sr80i costs like 150€ here, and I can get the HD598 for the same price, that's why I'm not really considering the grado even if they would probably satisfy me.

Any other option I can consider possibly cheaper than 150€, ofc for that price I would buy the senn.

I think the HD598 fits the bill nicely, expecially if the SR80 costs you the same.


Originally Posted by WoahReQQuiem View Post

In terms of sound, Sennheiser IE 8 vs Ultrasone PRO 750?
I listen to classic rock, older pop and downtempo electronica.


Originally Posted by IanS View Post

I am looking for a headphone that makes a piano sound like a piano, with appropriate weight.


Any style, closed or open, any price up to ~ $600, any sensitivity (I'm fine to get an amp), what headphone would most make a piano sound like you are standing beside a real piano?


For example, I just listened to John Lennon's 'Imagine' and 'Let It Be'. In my living room, on my Dunlavy speakers, the piano sounds like a real piano. Weighty but not boomy. You can feel it viscerally. In my studio, even with 'high end' monitors, the piano sounds a little bit lifeless. On my son's headphones it sounds boomy, recessed, and has no presence. On my headphones, it sounds jangly, but not like a real piano.


So what should I go try out if I want to mimic the visceral impact of my Dunlavy's with a pair of headphones?


Thank you.

Perhaps something like the Denon D2000/5000s will give you the oomph you want. However, you might also want to see if open cans like the HD598s, Q701s, HD650s, DT880s, will work for you, though you will need an amp.


Originally Posted by ak_ View Post

Hey gang. I'm an Etymotic ER4P owner who is looking for a really good pair of full sized cans that don't require an amp and could be driven off an iPhone. I kind of like the neutral, revealing sound of the etys, but would love a large soundstage. 


Is there anything like this in existence? 


My budget is under $500. 

Maybe the HM5s will give you the neutrality you want, without an amp, though they are way under budget.



Originally Posted by VortexBlast View Post

Sadly, the V-Moda M80 are not available in my country and I only have access to brands such as AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Denon, Sennheiser, Shure.

Although the Denon AH-D1001 will look nice on her. Not sure about SQ though.

The AKG K272 HD will also look very nice on her.

Music taste, well it kinda is varied (not hoping much that they're high bitrate music) but probably a "fun" headphone without the need of an amp will suit her best.

BTW, budget. Very limited. €160 tops. I'm not even sure if I could get that high though, I'll try my best.

Can you get the HD25s, or the Phiaton MS400s in your country? Another option might be the Shure DJ line (I forget the model numbers). Also, the AKG K181s might work.


Originally Posted by ak_ View Post



Do you or anyone else have an opinion on the Beyerdynamic DT 1350 or the B&W P5 for my needs?

The P5 is probably too warm for you, though the DT1350 is supposed to be pretty analytical.



Originally Posted by Shon122 View Post

Hi guys

I have the Beats Tour and i dont like them very much, i want to buy new heaphones...full size headphone

My budget is 250$ and i want to buy them online, i use them for music and a lil bit for games

What is the best headphones i can get for this budget?

Thank you very much!

What kind of music? Also, will you be using them on the go or not? That will determine open v. closed, pretty much. 


Originally Posted by Avada kedavra View Post

What should my next step be? Currently i have the Sennheiser hd518 with a Fiio e11 that i got pretty recently (Christmas). They are played out of a cowon j3 in wav and from an iPad, which sounds pretty good to me. However, i havent gotten to try many other headphones out. My preference is mostly rock/classic rock, new wave, vocals, pop, and some hip hop. So im guessing i need a balanced can. I research a tonn, but there is just way too many options. My price range is about 500, but i would be willing to save money if a more expensive headphone is worth it. Any ideas? Also, i plan on buying a new amp, as the e11 probably cant drive the next headphones i buy.

Maybe upgrade to the HD598s or HD600/650s, or try the Q701s or DT880s.


Originally Posted by physib View Post

Hey guys, first time poster here.

Currently I use a Grado SR125i paired with a M-Audio Fast Track Pro audio interface. I really like the open back Grado for its soundstage and the deep but not overwhelming bass, however I think the high ends are sometimes a little too harsh, plus it doesn't have as much detail as I like. I'm thinking about upgrading to a SR325i, but I also wants some suggestions on other cans. Some of the other headphones I've considered are AD-H5000, beyer dt990, and HD650. What are some of the pros/cons? Also should I get an amp?

You'd probably want an amp for any of those cans. If you generally like the Grado sound, you could straight upgrade, but maybe something like the HD598 or Q701 will give you more of what you want.


Originally Posted by Rezound Sound View Post


I would like some recommendations for full size, or on ear headphones that have good comfort, and minimal leakage.

I would be listening to them on the go, so in public. I don't have money for an amp/dac, and I'm most worried about the actual headphones and not amps/dac's. I would be playing music from an iPod. I listen to mainly electronic music, but I still listen to a little of everything. My budget is $250. And I do care about looks, so, I don't want the biggest headphones.

HD25, M80, MS400.


Originally Posted by DeathDomokun View Post


Modded T50RP

HD600 (or HD650)


Anything you suggest

Sorry, but can you post your original usage criteria again? We need more context to recommend you something.


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I want something to bring my music to life, with a bit of weight. I will be using it for many genres, but I've currently got the HD448 which is great for vocals and acoustic, but I want some cans that will extend on the atmosphere of a song. I also like black space between notes. My main focus for these are Metal. I'm thinking the Sennies aren't the best choice (although I haven't heard them), and I could buy the FA-011 AND a modded T50RP/D2000 since the FA-011 is only ~$120 and the others around $200. I don't know.

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Originally Posted by 50an6xy06r6n View Post

Can you get the HD25s, or the Phiaton MS400s in your country? Another option might be the Shure DJ line (I forget the model numbers). Also, the AKG K181s might work.


I can get the HD25 but they're out of my budget (€177 and €229 for the Adidas) and it wouldn't look nice on her anyway. The Phiaton MS400 is not available here sadly.

For now, I've narrow it down to:

AKG K272HD, Audio Technica M50, Denon D1001.

The source will be an iPod Nano, unamped, music is varied so a good all rounder headphone will suit her best, I don't think she really cares about soundstage though, maybe headphones that impresses her is more important. I'm leaning towards the AKG K272HD for her though, looks good to her and probably sound good as well (not sure). I could get it for €120 but will it work well unamped, plugged into an iPod nano?

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PS. Total nub -

Just for curiousity sakes, I'm just a typical headphone user who goes beyond 5 hours a day with headphones on. I'm currently using a basic *cheap* set-up incomparable to the thousand dollar sets-ups a lot of true audiophiles have.

I'm currently using the following:
Shure SRH 440 w/ 6.3mm 
Fiio E7 + Fiio E9 (Which i'm very satisfied for how it sounds)

I was hoping to slowly invest into a pair of headphones such as the Sennheiser HD700's for long term usage and as an upgrade from my SRH440's. Do you guys believe it would be worth buying the HD700s straight away while being used with a USB dac/amp combination such as the Fiio's? 

The cans *at least to me* seem to be the biggest player of musical reproduction besides the audio files being used to play back the songs.

I know that the HD700's won't be released until March, and i'm willing to wait for reviews to come out following the release. I just want to ask those who are willing to help without throwing a hissy-fit for a poor student such as myself. Because if i think more of short-run terms, i'd be wasting much more than a thousand dollars on multiple pair of headphones, and i believe i might as well get it over with by going for a higher end model which i might be very satisfied with for quite a while.

Thanks if you're able to give me your ideas and thoughts about this decision.

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how does the Etymotic ER-4PT compare to the Vsonic gr07? agin thanks for the time helping.


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Originally Posted by LimeANite View Post

I'd recommend the Fischer FA-011s.  GD-Audiobase has the best price, but their shipping and customer service is a nightmare.  Frogbeats costs more, but their customer service is excellent and they use DHL, which will get them to you in ~2-3 days.


They are open though, so not the best choice if you want to take them in public.  For that, maybe the V-Moda M80 or Sennheiser HD25-1 II.

Neither one will be fantastic for metal.  The Beats have massive bass, but that's about it.  The Denons are better, but have recessed mids, which doesn't work overly well with guitars.  Grados are some of the best headphones you can get for rock and metal - they have amazing guitar reproduction.  Just try before you buy since they're not for everyone - the highs can be harsh, and some people find them uncomfortable.  They're also an open design, so not the best for public use.  Also look into the Sennheiser HD25-1 II and the Shure SRH-840.


thanks for the recommendation, but i ended up getting the pro700mk2s, im pretty impressed by it. love audio technica and their quality/price ratio.


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Is this a good deal for the Shure SRH750DJ for 80£? http://www.izonedeals.co.uk/headphones-earphones/shure-dj.html


I wanted to get the Audio Technica ATH-M50 at first but the price difference between these Shure headphones and the cheapest Audio Technica I could find is around 50£ which makes quite a big difference for me. Any opinions? Thank you!

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Just posted new topic when i noticed there was this topic :D(newbie in here)


So, I have hard decision between few cans. My budget is allowing me to buy hd600+amp, but do i really need amp if Ill choose "better" cans?

Ill listen music on my computer and theres only integrated X-fi soundcard(good for games though), but I'd like to listen music with better quality.

Is the only way to get dac/headphone amp or is my soundcard just good enough to drive some good cans?

And if I need some kind of amp/dac for phones, where do I find those?


I have about $700 budget, so I can't buy too expensive set, but what do you prefer?


Thanks for advices!

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For rock/dubstep/metal/rap/dance

I need them for the bus/class

Open or not? i dont know...what is the best?

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Originally Posted by Shon122 View Post

For rock/dubstep/metal/rap/dance

I need them for the bus/class

Open or not? i dont know...what is the best?

If you're using them in public, you want closed.


Price range?


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Plz suggested me portable amp should be suitable for DT990 pro 250 ohms

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Hello, I'm new here and not a native English speaker, so I apologize for any mistakes :)


I'm looking for on-ear headphones as replacement for my broken Skullcandy's. I listen to 80's punk-rock and sometimes jazz. I listen to it mostly at home and also in public (on the bus), so closed design is in my opinion the best option. My budget is 70$ (50€). I almost bought AKG-K430 (about 60$ here), but then I read in some threads from this forum that they have weak bass. And I'm not a bass freak, but I want the best quality for that price. I like their design, portability (case, foldable) and they have great frequency range.

So, can you tell me if those AKG's are good, and if they aren't, please help me with my decision.


Thanks in advance.

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What kinds of music do you listen to? The 325is are some of the best cans for rock, but i dont know if this is your preference. The hd600s do detail and soundstage pretty well, but i cant comment on the other two.
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Sorry, new to head fi, wrong post
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I'm looking to upgrade to some better headphones.  I've had the Sennheiser HD 280 pro's for a while.  I'm looking for something under $300 that is comfortable.  If at all possible I'd like better bass response than the 280 pro's with maximum comfort.  I was considering the HD600's until I read about the "death grip" on your head.  I hated that about the HD 280's - so much so that I disassembled them and made them a little more loose.  I don't want a pair of headphones that require a headphone amp.  My idea of comfortable - my JVC RX900's.  I'd also like the headphones to have excellent immersion (or whatever you call it).    


So in review:

1.  Under $300 (or around there)

2.  Sound quality better than HD 280 Pro (particularly bass response) 

3.  Comfortable - No death grip!

4.  No amp necessary.  



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