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Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please... - Page 1133

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I just realized I have yet to post my current drivers-close-to-ear setups! Well here are my only two headphones, just received the Beyer DT250 pads for the V6's, seriously get these pads if you have the V6's, they're incredible. These V6's actually make really good portable cans, love the sound from them, absolutely incredible. I'm in the process of selling the X10 IEMs, so these are my new out of the house can. The Grados have earned themselves a permanent spot in my collection, these walnut cups really are something else. I can see myself still reaching for the Grados 10+ years from now no matter whether or not I've earned my Audezes or what have you. Now THAT gents is true love wink.gif
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Matching system with blue leds :D

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Damn, that looks impressive and expensive. Bet it sounds it too.



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Nice! Proper Jelly of your amp... Dying to hear one those new NAD's. 

I'm betting an audio store near you will have one on demo! For such a little amp it kicks out serious sound. My Tannoy floorstanders certainly sound like a cinema in movies and for music they're really well composed and detailed. I'm using the USB connection on this :)

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Matching system with blue leds :D




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i use the same speakers, and they are pretty good for their size. i think the eq on these are absolutely amazing

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Sweet.  How's the new Matrix Mini-i?  is the amp powerful enought to do justice to the LCD's? Would you characterize the amp section as warm, neutral, bright? I had the original at one point and still have a sweet spot for it.



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What trax were playing @ 352.8kHz?


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Wait a minute...is that really a mini-i? I had no idea it could handle 384 now....



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Okay, we see it handles DXD but I'm wondering what our fellow member was listening to at the time...

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Three are two Matrix Mini-i's - there new and the 'New Mini-i Pro' which does DSD/DXD and the 'New Mini-i' without DSD/DXD. If the headphone amp section is really good, I'd seriously consider the non-pro for a simple bedroom system. 

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I will be posting a review of both of them soon. Got some details to iron out first. Both units are good with favoring synergies that differ, though.

Subscribe here for notice when I post it. http://www.head-fi.org/t/695880/matrix-mini-i-pro-impressions
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Are you ready to give us your impressions on how does the Conductor stack up against V200/V800? (I am particularly curious on how do they compare driving the HD800) biggrin.gif

I'm going to guess he'll prefer the v200 with the HD800 (based on my experience with the Soloist and T1 - which wasn't warm enough for my tastes, but some people like that paring.)



the most satisfying moments are those when you find components that matched let each other express in a unique way where each of the components feel enhanced, and any thought about existing limitations is wiped away by the enlightening sensation of awareness that changing anything will irreversibly erase that unique experience of listening pleasure


having both, the burson conductor and the violectric v800/v200 combo, makes the hd800 and lcd3 much more valuable, experience enhancing and pleasing, that apply the other way around and for each component as well


feeling like removing any of the components will make all the other lose in that regard


each combination completes itself in a unique way


realizing the virtual infinity of excellent and unique matches that there are, the search for the one "best", "more capable", "perfect for me" setup feels just like a limitation to the immense pleasure such pieces of art can provide us


ideally would be to just keep adding to it, however we all realize such pieces of art do not grow on trees, luckily one can trade in for something that will ultimately add to the pleasuring experience more that it will subtract


that said my relationship with the current ensemble is still in a phase of very fast advancing development, a very enlightening one that is... and increasingly pleasing...

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Ah so, grasshopper.

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I'm loving the Mini-i Pro, It pairs better with the LCD 2.2, against anything else I've tested with them.


I tested it against a few other DAC units, and I liked this one the best.


I think it's a fairly new product. 


I would describe the signature as accurate. 

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