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I am looking at some good headphones and I don't want to break my very small bank. I had done some reading and what I have found said that AKG K242HD, AKG K272, AKG k 702 were great picks and I have found them for under 300 and I am at the point where I want some nice cans and ditch these $50 Aerial 7s I have. I do not have an amp yet but I think I am getting a headroom Total AirHead for Christmas and the Grado SR60i from my parents. I listen to a lot of Indi rock, alternative and post grunge. For example bands like The Killers, Weezer, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Panic At the Disco. I primarly use my Zune HD for music listening and when I sit down to listen music I use my Dad's ancient amp and the Monster Gold Turbines Pro. I really like the sound of the Monster Gold Turbines Pro but i want some cans. If anyone would help that would be great.

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I like to hear everyone's thoughts on the K242HD & K272HD too.

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i own grados 325i, 80i and akg 702


i don't have enough experience to give any responsible advice.. but i just want to say darn my akg 702 took a long time to burn in.. it took me almost like 400 hours and it's finally starting to sound good.


i used white noise to burn it in.. i don't think my volume was below listening volume either.  it was a little higher just like some suggested.  so if you do get akg 702 you might want to burn it in for a while to know for sure whether you like it.  but then that's a dilemma with most phones' return period.

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How do the AKG stack up to your Grados?

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I used to own the K 702, K 271, and SR60; I listen to the same music you do, too.


If you plan to keep listening to indie rock, alternative, and grunge, you should definitely stick with the Grados--the SR60i is a great headphone and going up the Grado line will only give incremental improvements, if any.  Contrary to what lots of people say around here, the AKGs (especially the 702) are not bad for rock and metal, but the SR60 is better by being more involving and energetic.


On the other hand, what the AKGs did for me was to expand the musical styles I listened to and to give me an appreciation for genres such as classical, vocal, jazz, and ambient electronic music.  The way the AKGs presented music (especially the 702) was so different from what I was used to with the SR60 that I started to branch out in terms of music, unafraid of and even looking forward to leaving my comfort zone in search of new sounds & new experiences.


So it really is up to you and what you're looking for in a new headphone.  If I could do it over again, I probably would have just kept the SR60 and K 702, as they complement each other so well.


Good luck!

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Have you tried any of the Grado in the 200-300 range? Did you use an amp for your headphones?

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without an amp i certainly like my grados 325i better than akg 702.. but my amp will be arriving next week so i just have to wait and see

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If I was going to spend around the 250 range what Grados would you suggest?

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well the way i saw it was that the first series range from 70~300 then it jumps to 500ish and then to 1k.. and it didn't seem like the 500ish grado phones were getting such a drastically higher rating/review.  i wasn't about to spend 1k this early on a grados headphone either.. so i went for 325i.  that way i wouldn't have to worry about upgrades for a while.


just from a marketing perspective, the 325i must have more discernible difference from 225i since 325i stands as the best make/statesman model of the prestige series, compared to, say, the difference between the 225i and 125i model, yet the cash difference is always $75 apart.


so i would either just get 80i to get a taste of a slightly-above-intro-level grados sound signature over the 60i or just go for the 325i but not the two models in between.. it's just how i saw it


225i is $225 and 325i is $300 i believe

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Is there a big difference between the grados 325i and the 80i? Enough to jump up in price?

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by audiophile standards ya.. 80i is for beginners to start enjoying music.. 325i is clarity on a different level.  it's easy to compare because it's the same brand.  i don't know if 325i is the best value for $300 phones but i personally like it.. you should look around for second opinions.  you might listen to different genres of music


i've only had 3 phones so far anyway.. try asking those who've owned 20~30 (or just dig archives)

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I have heard that the akg 242hd are great for rock and when you add a amp the bass picks up and the are all around great and I got my dad's old huge amp and I am going to make a diy amp so I think I am leaning towards that but I still want the 80i

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well sounds cool.. my akg 702 has its perks even tho i like my grados 325i more.. and i've never listened to that model you mentioned.. would like to hear if you find anything interesting from that setup

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With a proper amp for the power hungry K702, I believe you might find it a better performer than the SR325 on many levels.

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Originally Posted by tdogzthmn View Post

With a proper amp for the power hungry K702, I believe you might find it a better performer than the SR325 on many levels.

i've tried akg 702 with little dot 1+.. i think akg 702 may be a little more laid back and better suited for "legit" music listening.  i seem to actually like music presentations that energize me rather than making me feel warm and fuzzy and laid back etc.. i am a little afraid to get too comfortable due to the performance-demanding nature of my work, to be frank.  after i tried the semi-tube amp of little dot 1+, i started thinking that maybe a solid state with a more analytical sound might be better suited for me


but by energetic listening sessions i don't mean bassy raps or modern hip pop songs.. but perhaps some quick sensational play of violin etc.. something darker yet emotionally intense is more of my thing, kinda like the inception movie sound track

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