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Entry level in Australia

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Hi, I'm looking to buy a set of entry level earphones in Australia. Because of this forum I have been looking at mostly IEMs (it seems that information on normal earphones is scarce - does that mean there are no viable contenders in this category?). In particular I have been looking at things like the PL-30s and M9s, but most of the prices I can find are for buyers in the US, and things get muddy when international shipping is involved. This is especially true here, where there are stores that have free shipping and stores that try to figure out where I am and include the shipping in the price, confusing things further.


What I'm looking for is simple: the best (in terms of quality or value for money) set of earphones I can get for around $30, shipped to Australia. I don't mind going over or under.


Thank you!

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At that price and shipping to Australia i'd say you're best bet is some of the flat rate worldwide shipping iem's on ebay or mp4 nation. Visang r02 is one I liked a lot (available on ebay) Have a look at Joker's thread on pretty much every iem you can imagine. Bear in mind the date of the review.

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