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Looking ipod like form earphones

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I have tried many headphones but none is attached to the ear like ipod ones, so im looking this earphones like form but with better quality






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Yuin pk3/pk2/pk1/ok1/ok2/ok3. Sennheiser has a lot of earbuds that fit the same form factor. Audio-technica does, too. All good stuffs.

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I definitely recommend Yuin PK3. sounds great and not too costly.

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This should keep you occupied for a while:


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Welcome to Head-Fi ruasd!


I think it'd be a bit more helpful if you specified a price range.  Earbuds are available at various prices and performance levels.


Also for your viewing pleasure, here's a more up-to-date version of ClieOS' earbud comparison: In Ear Matters: Earbuds Roundup


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There must be an echo in this room.  wink.gif

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I also highly recommend the Yuin PK3's.  They are simply wonderful for the price.  I keep a pair in my drawer at work.  The sound quality is great, and I can hear the phone and coworkers when necessary.

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thanks for replys, probably i will buy the yuin pk3 but i only see selling on ebay, im from europe, hopefully they are not a fake :/

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Should be ok... I think ppl are more worry about ordering pk1 and getting remarked pk3 instead.


hmm.... the name escaped me, but there were another brand that also use the same housing and was reviewed very favorably also... 


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They look like it to me. 


However, I highly doubt there are fake Yuins. wink.gif

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A couple of potentially safer options for the PK3's:








I believe head direct is well regarded here at head-fi.  I'm sure others will correct me if there have been issues.


Amazon and head direct also have the PK2 at about $79.  I've been considering the upgrade, just not sure it's worth it for me.  I grab the PK3's every week or two for an hour or two at work.  It's the only time I really use them.  I'm considering the PK2's for quick listens at home though.  Anyway, $40ish for the PK3's is a no brainer.  Best $40 you can spend in head-fi-dom.

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I see Sunrise as-feeling are available from that Ebay site for sameish price from British seller (no, not me).
Main issue I've heard of with Yuin PK3 is that they can be rather fragile; cable connection I think. Something to consider if you're a bit rough with them.
Most of the other buds are bigger than these. Not sure which is closest in size to Apple buds; assuming you were happy with the fit of those?
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