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No problem, I'm always around :)


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I received the 9waves from mike not too long ago. I must say these are very special earbuds, Soundstage and instrument accuracy is very well placed, the bass is nice and tight, but nowhere near as deep as the as-charm. These are very good at putting the music in your face and making sure you can hear the songs with great detail. Comparing these to the as-charm, ok3, mx760...these by far have the best detail. The mx760 has good detail, but they sound a bit veiled. When you pop the 9waves in, if feels as if you just took off a curtain over the sound and cleared things up.


The as-charms are just fun to listen to because they sound very warm and bring music to life with their deep bass. However, the charms are a bit distant sounding and do not have a great representation of highs. The 9waves are sparkly and i would say almost grado like and seem to work best with rock, jazz, and acoustic music


Comfort: I would rate the yuin = charms, mx760 > 9wave. The 9waves are not as comfy as the others in my ears, but they are very light and can be worn for hours If i'm not walking around.


Overall, I say these are great earbuds and I can't comment on how well they can compare vs the mx980 (The Top Dog) because I don't own them. If you're looking for a good earbud with great sound separation as well as clarity, then these are for you. If you're looking for a punchy fun sounding earbud, I'd go with the as-charms.

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I really disliked the charms, I expected hoards more quality from it but the sound quality was just terrible to my ears.  When I compared them side by side, it was like you said it was with the MX760, like a quality curtain was lifted.  The 9wave is definitely more clear sounding than the charm, but it does not have that deep bass.  Neither set screams quality bass, but the charm was so thick in the bass it offset the mids and highs to the point where I just didnt want to use it ever again


For techno, beats, classical and live performances the 9wave is a beast.  Right out of the clip + its excellent, with proper amping it takes a step up.  Its a can do anything set, but without question sounds best in electronica and classical.  Magnetic Man( techno )and The Superman OST sound astounding.  So far 100% of everyone who got to review or listen to them liked them a lot.  I was glad to see LFF enjoyed them.


The 9wave NW Studio is coming out soon, more info will be released hopefully in the next few weeks.  

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Very excited for these to release, I've decided on them as my next purchase. Can't wait to get some more info about US availability. Thanks for the great review!

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