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anyone heard of Ergo phones

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Has anyone heard of Ergo phones from Switzerland? A friend told me that he prefers them to his 600's. He has the model #2. I'm trying to get out to his place to hear them.
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I have listened to all three of them (two dynamic, one electrostatic headphone) and just could not warm up to them. As I recall, they are very bright, thin and bass-deficient. I just did not find them musically pleasing at all. I would say they are clearly worse than the Senn HD 600. Your friend doesn't play bass-violin, does he?
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maybe the drivers are too far from the ears... ah, nevermind...
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A little corrrection: the Ergo top-model "Ergo AMT" is not electrostatic (the Jecklin Float they are still selling is) but uses "Air Motion Transformers", a transducer principle developed by Dr. Oskar Heil. It is used in the Heil Air Motion Transformer series of speakers as well. The Ergo AMT needs to be driven from the speaker-outs of an amp or with its own dedicated amp. This is the site of the Swiss distributor:


There is an English site as well, but the really interesting thing there are measurements about the role ear-lobes play in individual perception and about their influence on the timing of an audio signal. The graphs about this are clearer on the German site. Due to reflections from the outer ears, impulse signals reach the ear-canal twice, with an average delay of 0.2 ms. No wonder Etys sound so "clean".
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i'm reviving this old thread .. i want to know more

first, a nice pic of the ergo #1:

and another:

http://www.stoneaudio.co.uk/ says this about the Ergo:

"For years Jecklin Float have been regarded as the only choice for serious headphone users. Now the manufacturer of Jecklin, offer the ERGO series - consisting of three carefully priced models."

now, if Jecklin Float is/was "the only choice for serious headphone users" then why has nobody here really used them? Your thoughts please
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(cool, i'm now a 100+ member! woohoo!)
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