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Astro A30 Vs. Ath AD700?

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Please help me make this decision with an Astro Mixamp in mind, as that is what I'll be using these headphones for. I want a pair that would work mainly for games/movies on my PS3.


Is there anyone out there that has had experience with both the A30 and ATH AD700s? How do they compare? Specifically, I hear the AD700 has a huge soundstage. Do the A30s have a similarly sized soundstage? Which ones would you say were better and why?

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You're crazy if you think the A30's would come close to the epic soundstage of the AD700. However, my friends over at AVS have told me that the A30s are one of the best headsets out with the Mixamp, if you can get over the fact that they are on ear. They supposedly even sound pretty good with music (it was made with the intention on being a portable headphone as well). More bass than the A40's (therefore more bass than the AD700s).

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I haven't tried either of them, so I cannot judge the differences in the soundstages.

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I have owned the AD700s, and with dolby headphone, the soundstage is even more massive than the K701/2 (though the K701/2 is bigger in regular stereo). The A30's soundstage is considered decent (like most headsets known to handle Dolby Headphone) well.


Soundstage isn't important in gaming, though it adds to the immersion. Positional cues is more important. While the AD700 is one of the very best in this regard, most headphones will pull off positioning with Dolby Headphone well enough if they're anywhere close to decent. Hell, I used a pair of $15 Philips SHP2500 that were wonderful budget performers for gaming.


If you don't mind bass lacking, the AD700 will wow you everywhere else, I almost guarantee.

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Are there any stores that sell the ATH AD700s, or do you have to buy them online. It seems like a huge soundstage would also suit movies well. How does it perform in that regard? I hear people say they are bass light. Is it really light, or what?

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Yes, the bass is REALLY light. To be completely honest, I think movies need some bass impact for immersion. The AD700 just has what I call 'audible' bass that you can hear but can't feel whatsoever. If you want some form of bass, the AD700s will disappoint you.


Also, as much as I want to say it does, virtual surround isn't THAT impressive with movies, because movies don't have controllable positional cues like video games do. Movie audio is like 4/5th up front, IMHO.


You can buy the AD700s in stores like Sam Ash, but it's a lot more expensive than buying online. I dunno...


The only headphone that has the bass I want AND soundstage is the Premium DT990 (which is exactly why I gave up all other headphones for it), and to a lesser extent, the beter balanced DT880. It/they did everything I wanted it to, from music, games, and movies. Though it's/they're more expensive, AND need an amp on top of the Mixamp for gaming. I wouldn't recommend it for normal people. I'm kinda not normal...lol.

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Mmk, this was my situation as well, so I'm glad I found this.


What I've read (not only on here), is that A30's are not the best, aren't bad, but decent. And they do live up to their expectations of being an all around headphone/headset, although they don't surpass these expectations, and don't fall short either.


I'm getting the Astro mixamp regardless, and I thought it more smart just to bundle it with the A30's. I'd mainly do this because although I'm not a bass head, a lack of bass would annoy me. Also, I could use my A30's to travel, which wouldn't be smart with the AD700's. 


And lastly because later on when I need an upgrade, I'd still have the mix amp. (I also don't mind on-ear headphones, and in some aspects I prefer them, mainly for the portability factor). 



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