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I don't know if this has been answered already, but do you guys know if istreamer can be used with a regular pc by using male a to male a usb cable?

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The manufacturer's web page states that it can not. It actually interacts with the iPod firmware to function and does not have any PC/Mac/whatever functions available.
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Any more review/impression on this DAC? I'd like to hear more on the properties on this DAC.
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HRT has their USB DACS/Music Streamer products for MAC and PC use

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further reviews can be found here:



the CTO does list international reviews, so you'll have to just scroll down for ones in English - there are more coming

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so could i use this in this configuration       ipod>istreamer>little dot1> headphones



i guess what i want to know does the istreamer override the dac in the ipod just like the wadia dock does? thanks

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Not familiar with the Wadia but yes, when you plug the iStreamer into your iPod it bypasses the DAC in the iPod and only the DAC in the iStreamer is used. It is a basically an external replacement for your iPod's DAC. In your proposed configuration the Little Dot 1 would then replace the headphone circuit in the iPod. Sort of building the world's largest, three piece iPod!
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So, have been listening to this for a while and really like the sound. I remembered I have a Oyaide C7 rhodium cable. Hooked it up to the Istreamer. Man I like the details. Then I ordered a Furutech G2 usb. Never really knew how crummy USB cables can be. I like the rig a lot hooked up to the Woo. Just ordered a Kimber silver mini usb from Music Direct to do a little mini USB shootoff. One question I do have. Can you use ALO's Ipod to USB cable? If so I will buy this next. May do a little bit of a more review of the cables with the istreamer here in a bit. My schedule is finally calming down. The only beef I have with the ipod with the istreamer is still the the ipod size soundstage.

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I just got iStreamer and it makes popping noise connected to iPad or iPhone.  Somehow, iPod Classic seems ok...

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Originally Posted by codeninja View Post

I just got iStreamer and it makes popping noise connected to iPad or iPhone.  Somehow, iPod Classic seems ok...


Hey Now,


I've had my iStreamer for a few months. A few weeks ago I started noticing popping/crackling sounds, with a noticeable graininess. I was told to send it to the distributor who trouble shot it for me and could not find nothing wrong with it. I got it back a couple of weeks ago and have not had any problems with it.  It sounds fine. Neither the distributor or myself can figure out what had happened. It is all good now.


Here is how I use the iStreamer . . . . . iPad 1st gen > iStreamer > Amphora > headphones or iPad > iStreamer powered with 12v adapter for cigarette lighter > aux input into truck stereo head unit. It all sounds very good, no popping/crackling now. I bought a new 6th gen Nano to test out when I got the iStreamer back and it works fine as well.


This is a troubleshooting tip I was told to try  - restore my iPad software (I did not have to do this, but have read other people having to do this) and make sure I only used the HRT supplied USB to Dock cable because it was special 8^). I have tried other Apple branded USB to Dock cables with no problem. I don't know what happened, but I got great customer service and support from Lee at Cryo-Parts and Scott at Elite AV Distribution. Hope you can figure what might be causing the popping. 


Finest kind,



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HRT was quick to respond to my email (in less than an hour - impressed). Was suggested to reset my iPad before trying full restore.  The reason being fragmented file system.  Anyway, that seemed to fix the popping/crackling noise issue.  I'm partial about having to reset my iPad whenever it happens in the future...

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Fragmentation in the filesystem ? Gotta admit I didnt think of that - it hasnt really been an issue with most computers post-Win XP, and the Mac camp would have us believe that anything OS X / iOS is considerably more advanced than Windoze. I only know this - when I ran Voyage Linux straight from a USB stick, I had no artefacts of any description with my MSII : smooth as silk.

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Earlier in the thread someone asked if the istreamer could be powered by the external XP 8000 battery and the answer is yes. I received the istreamer earlier today and the first thing I did was connect it to the XP. This seems to come closest to the realization of a fully portable setup. I have the istreamer running into a Meier Stepdance, which is also being driven, at a regulated 15 volts, by the XP8000. The sound is unbelievable. I didn't believe that a portable setup could improve much over the Stepdance being driven to capacity but boy was I wrong. Deeper and fuller bass and better transients are the most obvious improvements.

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It's very good news!

Powered by the XP8000, the iStreamer becomes a portable asynchronous DAC, a relatively cheap one.


I guess you hook the iStreamer up to the 9-12V Output Port of the XP8000.


Do you have some photos of your portable rig?


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Actually no. The istreamer is driven by the 5 volt USB output. I'm using the 19 volt regulated down to 15 volts to drive the Stepdance. At the moment I dont have a clean setup (lengthy wires) but when I put it together properly I'll post pics.

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