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For Sale: IC: Parasound D/AC 1600HD

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
IC: Parasound D/AC 1600HD

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm not completely sure I'm ready to sell this, but I'm throwing out an Interest Check to see if anyone's interested.


Parasound D/AC 1600HD in PERFECT condition, complete with original box and manual, there are also plug covers for the 4 rack mount holes not shown.  Fully balanced 20-bit PCM63P K Chips (4).  


Looking for around $650 net to me if I decide to sell.

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Do you still have those 2 DACs for sale?


Why you have decided to sell them?

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If you don't want to sell parasound 1600 HD maybe you have something similar to that?

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Need you to quote me best price of parasound HD1600. Thanks

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Wanted to throw this one back up to gauge interest.

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Still got the parasound 1600hd DAC??
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