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My Apologies. Please read.  

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Hello everyone,


I must apologize for our current lack of response, shipping late and overall customer service that you are custom too.


My reasons may be many, but I will spare your the list.


I will however do my best to correct this. 


Please, when emailing

Or, have the EMAIL ADDRESS you placed your order with and FULL name that was used.


Shipping confirmation will sent to the PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS. 


I'm also making a MAJOR announcement today so please stay tuned.





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Hey Craig! I'm sure many of us who have had your wonderful products before would have faith in you, so no worries. I apologize for e-mailing you from an account other than my Paypal's because my Mail App keeps using something else as a default server. I have just e-mailed you with regards to payment on the 8th of December from the proper, actual Paypal account. Keep me updated, thanks so much! 

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hi craig sent u a few emails about my order hope u are around to reply thank u!!!

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Going through emails now!!




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just wanted to say that i received my twag v2 today.  your customer care and service was excellent.  the wire is pretty top notch too.  leaps and bounds better in terms of feel, looks, and sound than v1.  kudos to you!

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Hey Craig, reply my email regarding the 1/4 to 3 pin xlr adapter, thanks.  

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Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post

Hey Craig, reply my email regarding the 1/4 to 3 pin xlr adapter, thanks.  

Responded to your email...shipping today!



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Okay thanks.  I'm looking forward to using it.  

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Hi Craig.  I've also sent you a few emails about a Twag cable I have sent to you for repair.  I want to make sure you received them, and if you could give me an ETA.  It's not urgent, just sorta doing the follow-up thing.  thanks, steve

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Hey Craig, I have sent in my twag cable for repair work since 15 Feb.

Its the one that Mike acknowledge of since you were away.

Its coming to close to a month, but I can partly blame the shipping time for it, but usually at this time, it should be on its way to my home.

Hope to hear news of it and an ETA if possible..



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I'm also wondering what's going on... it's been a month now since my order, with no reply to any of the emails I've sent in the last two weeks. Kind of disconcerting to drop $550 and not know what's going on; any heads up?

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Hey guys...

Yea we are behind, but doing everything we can to get caught up !

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I guess the backlog is slowing things down - when would be a good time to check if I can get my cable pins replaced and also get a new cable? Haven't been able to get a definite response.
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drop $550 

Huh, almost a good bottle of scotch...almost.



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Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post

Huh, almost a good bottle of scotch...almost.



or electric bills, or water bills or groceries.... thats a lot of money for most people


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