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UK Head-Fi meet 2011. Thread closed: We now have a venue and a New Thread (see below) - Page 2

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I attended the Manchester meet in...I think it must have been 2008 if memory serves; I'd certainly be glad to attend again in 2011. Now my permanent residence is just North of London but I spend a lot of the year in Durham at university. If the meet goes ahead in April then I'm fairly sure I'll be down South on holidays but really either is fine and I'm happy to travel from either place as and when.


I ought to have plenty more gear this time around as well as some DIY equipment that should be finished by then. Is there any particular equipment that we're looking to audition?

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Great idea MusiCol, I would love to attend a national meet. It would be a great learning opportunity, an opportunity to socialise with like minded people, and my first meet! smily_headphones1.gif


I live in Oxfordshire but would be happy to travel anywhere and stay if necessary (it would add an extra social element if people were around in the evening for a meal etc.). I think a relatively central, accessible location such as Manchester seems fair. If we can hold the event at a large hotel we should be able to get a big enough room and allow all attendees to stay on site, which would be ideal in my mind.


I have no other real preferences, other than holding it at a weekend probably makes the most sense for people.


I can bring all/any of the gear in my signature and I'm happy to help in organising the event in anyway I can - we probably need to get a team together to start discussing options, what needs to be arranged, etc.


Good luck and I hope we can get this to go ahead.

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I live in Ipswich and its an hours travel to London but wouldn't mind travelling couple of hours to attend my first meet.

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I'm in Suffolk, so it's easiest to get a train to London, but I guess Manchester is possible. I've also got the possibilty of accomodation in London, so that'd be good.


I'm hope that this comes together and that we get some good gear there. Hopefully by that point I'll have some stuff worth bringing.

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Went to the Manchester 2009 meet and enjoyed it very much. Attendance was down by about half due to the flue bug doing the rounds, but this gave us loads of space to set up. I don't recall there being any problems with the amount of plug sockets. Shaun from hifi headphones uk graciously payed for the room and brought along a nice selection of gear to try out for as long as you liked. The venue by the way was the Days Inn hotel.


I am very interested in another meet and live a couple of miles from Manchester 

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It seems we're picking up a fair amount of interest now & although a city hasn't been decided on for the meet yet maybe we can get the dates further narrowed down


MusiCol, would you be able to take the proposed dates & turn this thread into a poll with the dates as options for everyone to vote on?


I remember for the 2007 meet a few of us changed our signatures to link to the meet thread which obviously drew a lot more attention to the fact a meet was even being planned. I think the main reason more interest is coming in now is because this sub-forum isn't too busy & it usually shows up this thread when you're browsing past the other forums.


I think once we've got a date & city sorted we can start listing in the first post a list of who is going & also an equipment list of what people are bringing. This should give us more responses to potential 'comers' once they see that bit of kit they've always been eager to listen to is going to be there :)

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Sorry I've been away for a few days, limited by an ultra-slow internet connection, and am just catching up now. And another apology as I don't know how to create a poll, other than by everyone making a post with their preferred city and date included. Maybe we should just start doing that and if I learn how to create a poll we can cast our votes then as well, and it would become more enticing to others. If anyone else has the skills to create a poll here, please feel free to do so. It looks like the choices for city are either Manchester or London or possibly Birmingham, and the dates would be a choice between the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd or 30th April.


If I have to do the "poll creation" in this thread, could anyone who knows how to do so please let me know?confused.gif


I'll try to figure out how to put a link in my signature too (all new territory for me, but I'm happy to learn), and I suggest that if you want to help make this event happen, a good way would be by putting a link in your signature too!beerchug.gif


Incidentally, just so you folks know, I have my pre-op assessment booked now for 14th Jan and I believe the operation will be roughly a week later - but no date yet. I may be offline then for up to 2weeks (my computer is at the centre of my home studio and definitely not portable!), but don't worry, it's nothing serious, so... I'll be back!biggrin.gif


Could anyone who's interested in helping to organise please mail me so we can get some kind of organising committee together? Then the organisation can move forward continuously. Cheers


I will start by giving my choice of city; Manchester. and date; 16th April... What's your choice?wink.gif

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At the moment the 9th april in Manchester would suit me smile.gif

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Has anyone going to the meet got a valve tester they could bring along, I've got some rare valves I need to sell and need to get their stats. I would be hugely grateful

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Here is a map with very, very rough indicators of people's locations who have expressed an interest so far (please don't be offended at my bad geography!).


I counted Bizzel twice for London and Durham:


meet map.bmp

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London it is then.bigsmile_face.gif

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Typical southern shandy drinker wink.gif

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PM sent and link added to signature smily_headphones1.gif


Any date other than 09/04/2011 would suit me as that's my Birthday (and while I'd personally like nothing more than to attend such an event on my Birthday, I'd better consider my family's wishes!).

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A foreign student in Coventry, and I'm up for any sort of journey within the country to attend my first meet :D Will definitely be subscribing to this thread. Any date in April should be fine I suppose as I should be on holiday then :P

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I am from durham so would rather it be manchester or birmingham areas.





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