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Wanted: FOUND: ATH-ESW9 / ESW10

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I'm looking for a pair of portable headphones again. The ATH-ESW9 / ESW10 seem like a good option to go with. Not sure what the normal going price of a preloved ESW10 is but if you happen to have one of these laying around, name your price and we might be able to work something out.





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i had a esw9 for sell,(i aslo had a tf 10pro .and SR 71A and some sony player) i will be oost them later

i only used it like 50hours, i bought it 4months ago,

Be4 i didnot know i will gonna sell it, so  i took the BOX away..lol

but i still had the headphone big and the 1/8> 1/4  plug for u.


the headphone looks very good.


im asking 160$ with shipping(US only, other count u pay more), 

if u really really want it. PM me then that i will go take some new photos for u , and u can ask any question.


BTW be4 i never sell anything, so i dont has any Feedback.

Reason for sell : i m getting change all my headphone ,amp,player from mid end to high end.

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Hi Kyan,


I already bought another one just now so thanks for your offer but you can sell it to someone else.

Good luck!



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