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For Trade: WTT Cowon S9 16GB

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send a PM to take the next step.

For Trade:
WTT Cowon S9 16GB

Will Trade For: Itouch @/3G, TelecastT51 or equivalent, HM-601
Will Ship To: Preferably within the United States

I am primarily interested in trading my 16GB Cowon S9 and accessories for either a Telecast T51/S:flo2 equivalent, an Itouch(2/3G), or a HifiMan-601 (I am currently most interested in the HM-601).  Supplemental payments to even out the costs would be agreeable, please PM if you have any interest.


-Pictures up and coming 

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Interested in selling outright?...post a price or send me a pm

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Withdrawn, sorry.

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