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Rudistor Chroma MD-1

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Hi all!


I haven`t been here for quite a while, other things caught my attention and time.


Now that I found time to care again about headphones and stuff, an obviously new one attracted my attention, the Chroma MD-1 by Rudistor.


I do own a headphone-amp by Rudistor (RPX-33), which I also use as a pre-amp for my speaker-system, and I like it a lot.

I`m a bit thrilled by this new headphone, I like it`s look, but that`s all I know about it, other than that it`s rather expensive (850 Euro).


After using the search function of this forum, I found only very few informations about this headphone. No reviews so far, no first impressions, stuff like that.

(Mind you, I often suck at using the search function).


So my question would be:

Does anyone own the Chroma by Rudistor?

Can tell something about it?

Compare it with other ones?

Is it worth it`s prize?

Stuff like that.


Maybe a thread like this already exists, in that case please point me to it.

I didn`t find it.


And sorry, english is not my native language.


Thank you!

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I agree, it is ridiculous difficult to find any real reviews on the new Chroma. Not sure why. Personally I have 2 headphone amps made by Rudi. They sound great.


Some information can be found in this forum on the link below.




Reviews from people that actually bougth the headphone are all very positive, opposite to people that only have a opinion on it.

Also there was a guy comparing it to a He-6 / Gs1000 / AKG 1000 and ranked them as 8 / 9- / 10 vs 9.5 for the Chroma.


And yes, for many people on this forum English is not the native language (me too)

Shame on me for all my typo's......deadhorse.gif

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Hi, thanks for your nice reply.


As for the link you posted, thanks for that as well.
In the meantime I had found (and read) that thread already, interesting read actually.

You`re right, Rudistor-stuff is discussed here rather controversely, but then again, it are always the same three or four people "having an opinion", a bit boring after all the years.


Nevertheless, I`m still very interested in the Chroma headphone, and I`m thinking about simply buying it, we`ll see.

I haven`t found "my favorite headphone" yet, maybe this is the one?

Well, most likely not, but it might come close.

In the meantime, I`m still very interested in further opinions and of course, experiences.
So please keep it going, whoever had the chance to own or at least to listen to it.

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