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Finding Some Good Looking Cans

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Innuendo aside, I'm looking for some good portable headphones(full size) that look cool and aren't bulky but still deliver good sound quality. I will want to use them in public/at school/etc. so that is why bulkiness and looks enter into the equation. I think this might help a lot of people searching for some good portable cans.


So in brief:


  • Somewhat compact
  • Sleek/chill/cool looking
  • Bass rich but good all around
  • Most likely closed
  • Not too expensive (especially for a portable setup)
  • Of course low impedance for an iPod
  • Suggestions for criteria?


Anyways I'm easy, just need something to get me through the week basically.

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Audio Technica ES7?

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What's your definition of "not too expensive" ?  If your budget is ~200 then, based on looks and size alone, I'd try the AIAIAI TMA-1 phones. They look awesome, aren't too big, and they're closed 'phones.  Never heard them, but I'm sure someone can tell you what they sound like.

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AIAIAI TMA-1. Fits your needs perfectly. (Not sure about how expensive is 'expensive')


There's also the ATH-ES7's and other Audio Technica phones if you are looking for a lower down price point.

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