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M11+ vs M6

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I have a pair of meelec m6's that are dieing, had a pair of re0's that just recently died too :(


Anyways the m11+'s are on sale for about $20, i was wondering how do they compare to the m9's and m6's?

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For an in depth read, just check out both IEMs in joker's multi-IEM review. (very much recommended)


The short answer is that the M11+ or of comparable sound quality to the M6 (though with a different signature), and are better than the M9. They are the best built of the bunch. Fit is subjective - ie. do you prefer over the ear or straight barrel. 

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I thought the m9 and the m6 sounded pretty much the same.  I personally found them to be very similar when I compared my m6's to my friends m9's.  The only thing about the m6's is that it was harder for me to get a seal since the meelec silicone tips don't work so great for me and the non standard nozzle doesn't let you use common tips.

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I prefer the M11+ a little over the M6, but I can see how the opposite is true for others. The 11's have a lot of bass, too much for some. I like the highs more on the 11's. They have more extension, but are not harsh like the M6's are for me at times. The mids are a touch more forward, too.


I also find the 11's one of the most comfortable IEMs I own. Very small, low profile and secure. I can easily sleep with them, and they are still in in the morning.

They are an amazing deal for $20, IMHO.


As with any opinion, everyone hears things differently. Some people find they have way too much bass. I'd say they are on the same level as the M9 in bass quantity, but better quality.

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