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I've had a few records out produced solely on the Sony MDR-7509HD which are becoming the new standard. They are closed and quite neutral with alot of detail. I programmed a whole sample cd with clicky clacky detailed sounds with them too. Speaking of them is actually making me want to purchase a new pair (as I broke them) and hold out on seeking out new ones which won't be so great in the studio (bought 2 new cans since registering yesterday lol:))

Also, you don't like your HD 650?

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The MDR-7509HD's look good, quite pricey in the uk (around £190!) not really looking to spend that much, but will look a bit more into them and keep them in mind.


And my HD650's are great, but they leak alot, no good for recording

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What about the 7506/v6 then? FWIR it's used in a lot of recording studios for tracking purposes, and it's much cheaper than the 7509.

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You can also check into the KRK KNS-8400. It'd be perfect for this. It's extremely comfortable and even works well without an amp. It's new, so there is not a lot of reviews yet and costs about $150. It's my main portable headphone. It does need about 2-3 days of burn-in to tame it's piercing highs. After burn-in it's a totally non fatiguing sound signature. I actually prefer it over the SRH-840 which I compared to this a few days ago.

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Anyone know how the AKG K 271 II would sound compared to the M50 and HD25 and the sony v6?

There are so many options for this type of headphone, I think i may need to buy them all from thomann.de and see which i think is best. o2smile.gif then send back the rest.

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Have heard nothing but good things about the 271, though it's no bass monster. You might do a forum search on that one. I prefer the AKG sound signature over the v6 which can be really fatiguing. Good luck in your search.

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the highly underrated Roland RH300 tbh. That or the Shure SRH840. You need something balanced yet can hear the microdetail.

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