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UE11, JH13 or other?

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Hey everyone. Although I can't by far afford it at the moment, I want to know which custom IEM to go for in the future. What I have heard about the UE11s sounds very promising - with the 'fun' sound and extended bass response.


I want my headphones to be really immersive, engaging, and I don't mind a little extra bass at all. I'll mainly be listening to electronic music and I want a kind of 'deep' energising feel to the sound. Of course detail, speed and resolution is very important as well - I want the sound quality to be top notch as I'll be paying up to $1,150.


My main contenders right now are the UE11 and JH13. The JH13 is selected solely because of the price; I know nothing about its sound. It's hard to find a description of the Jerry Harvey IEMs overall.


Design is important to me, and although I am very partial to the JH Audio blacklight option, which allows the phones to glow in the dark when exposed to blacklight, the UE11s seem to look slicker somehow, with a more 'textured' acrylic than the JH13s, which look entirely clear. Can someone tell me if this is just the pictures or if it has any resemblance in reality?


So if anyone has a little more experience with these products, would you recommend any particular IEM?

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bumpety bump

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I think JH13Pro willbe better pick because many head-fiers compared these with UE11Pro and reported here it's (JH13Pro) clearly better sounding than UE11Pro.  But if you want extra bass and it's(UE11Pro)amazing for electronic music

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The aesthetic difference in the acrylic you're seeing is likely just due to differences in the photographs.


As for recommendations:  If you prefer some bass emphasis, the UE11 and the JH16 Pro should be two to consider.  The JH16 Pro is more resolving than the UE11, to my ears, so that would be my first recommendation for a custom in-ear monitor with particular emphasis on bass. And both are within your budget.

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As soon as I read your first post, I immediately thought of the JH16's. 


While the 13's are more flat and reference style (similar to UE10's), the JH16's are more "fun" without overly done low end (which is how some have described the UE11's).


I have both the JH13's and the JH16's and I LOVE the 16's more. 

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OK, then the fight is between the JH16 and UE11! But how about the JH11? On the JH Audio homepage they sarcastically state that 'you might have heard about some other headphones calling themselves 11s,' and on the spec sheet it says they too have a dual-driver subwoofer and then two dedicated armatures for mids and highs - just like the UE11. I thought they were Jerry Harvey's response to the original UE11s?

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For a comparison between the JH13 and UE11, check this out:


When are you planning to purchase? New customs come out all the time: ex. UM Merlin looks like it will be an option for you.

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No, I'm partial to UE and JH Audio (in that order). Even though I know it might economically be very stupid ignoring some of the better offers out there, these are the brands I intend to go with. Thanks very much for the link, I'll make sure to read it.

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*bump bump* So what are the differences between the UE11 and the JH16?

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Though I can't think of any UE11 vs. JH16 reviews, there are JH13 vs. JH16 reviews. Here's a fairly decent one:

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