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Upgrade from Gilmore V1

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After vanishing from this place for a few years, and being relatively content with my current setup, I seem to be making small steps back into the headphone world. First it was re-acquiring my DT880s I sold ages ago. Now I'm wondering if there's a better way to drive them and my K271s.


I've been using the Gilmore V1 (two-box version with a stepped attenuator) for long enough that I don't really have anything else to compare it to. It works wonderfully with the both of my headphones, but I think it might be slightly too dark to bring out the best in the 271s (this is not to say I want something bright or sterile - far from it). At this point I consider it a necessity for any new headphone amp I buy to have at least 2 inputs and 1 preamp or loop out (preferably the former), as it has really made my setup a lot easier to work with. Unfortunately the 2in/1out thing severely limits my options on a budget. Funnily enough one of the threads I found when searching, which I thought would contain helpful information, was one of my own, just before I bought the V1. I've found these alternatives, though:


Matrix M-Stage


The FET-A is really pushing the limits of my student budget. If it weren't I'd probably grab a Headamp GS-1 and call it a day. The biggest problem I'm having is knowing how much of an improvement I'd be getting, if any, since my old and fairly obscure amp isn't really discussed/compared much on the forums.


Any help would be great, even educated guesses or just gut feelings about what would be best. I'm just trying to get a better idea of what's out there (both old and new) and if it's worth an upgrade.




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It's not available yet, but maybe the Gilmore X2 will interest you


Gilmore X2 - coming......soon? with optional 24/96 Asynchronous USB DAC

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Hi justin, when will the x2 available? thanks.

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