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For the last few months I have been using the ultimate ears super fi 5 enhanced bass in ear monitors with my iaudio 7 dap. Now an impedance mismatch between the earphones & player by default causes there to be a distinct lack of bass, which was easily fixed by running an in-line volume control to compensate for this.


So just recently I received a refund under warranty for the super fi 5 EB's & decided to go with the super fi 5's instead which consist of a single balanced armature in each earphone, instead of the dual driver balanced armature and dynamic driver setup of the EB's. Now the earphones sound great and all with excellent clarity and soundstage but I can't for the life of me figure out why the lower bass frequencies sound incredibly watered down and weak on the iaudio 7 dap compared to when I have them connected to the sound card on my pc (xonar dx) even when i tweak the eq of the iaudio 7.  Is this an impedance issue or does the dap lack the amplification required to power the super fi 5's ? (The specs list the iaudio 7 as having a 25mw output.)

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