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UE cable from Effect-Audio?

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Hi, I'm thinking to get one of these from this seller:




Anyone actually own one of these? How is the SQ and build quality?

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I'm considering buying from this seller as well.  The Euphoria and Athena interest me.  The seller claimed these bring the mids forward more so than his others.  However I haven't been able to find any user reviews of his cables.

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The seller is not responsive as well even we live in the same country. So confuse with all these cable out there and hope to see real user here.

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I researched the Diabolo cable. Nearly all extremely positive reviews/impressions. I was in talks with one owner who described his 5 Pro being better than his SE530 with the Diabolo and inferior(as per normal) with the stock cable. Very tempting and I was convinced.


I went to make an offer since they just raised the price on them. Three times I made offers and no counters or declines or anything. Each offer was in between the old and new price. So, after not being acknowledged and hearing about the seller not responding(like whoelse also said) I took my business elsewhere.

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What did the buyer say that the diabolo did to make his UE's sounds better than the Shures? From the diabolo description, I figured it would accentuated the slight v curve of UE's.
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I remember wanting to try their cables but I asked the seller some question on a couple of occasions. The seller was not very responsive and did not receive a reply so I moved on to take my money to someone else.

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The seller finally answered my questions and I also emailed with another purchaser of the Diabolo cable, so I decided to give it a try with my 10% off eBay coupon. I'll give you guys a review and a/b comparison with the stock cable when I get it.

The buyer I spoke to said the Diabolo made the overall sound clearer with better separation. He also said bass, mids were improved. His only criticism was microphonics when jogging with them. He received them in a week of purchase. Since it's so close to Christmas I figure it will take a little longer.
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Originally Posted by shotgunshane View Post

What did the buyer say that the diabolo did to make his UE's sounds better than the Shures? From the diabolo description, I figured it would accentuated the slight v curve of UE's.

More resolving. Tighter bass. More detail than the Shure which previously had more detail. Bigger stage. Things like that. Mostly from technically inferior to superior. Not much talk of a signature change except for some more treble emphasis/detail. I also got the bass and mids improved but not much more in amount but the impact was better.


Should be a good purchase. Let us know how it works out.

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just ordered the Pearl V2.

hopefully i can see some improvement :]

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I still haven't received my diabolo cable yet. Hopefully it will get here this week.  Look forward to your impressions Murmaider.

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how long ago did you order yours?

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Dec 17 and I received notification on Dec 19 it had shipped. However I was not provided a tracking number. I'm assuming the Christmas holidays have slowed everything up. I'm going to contact him by end of week if I haven't received it.

Some things I've recently ordered have shipped from China or Hong Kong. Some have come in a week, while others have taken a month.
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I just noticed eBay has a delivery date for me of 1/10 - 1/24.  Patience is a virtue I guess.

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Any word yet? Im interested in their cables too..



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Not yet. He sent me the tracking number today, so I can see it has left Singapore but they haven't made it into the US Postal system yet.
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