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DBA-02 Vs. Munitio Teknines - Page 6

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Munitos before and after burn in are night and day. Give them some time and things will really open up and they will be a great full/bassy IEM for you.

I hope so =(


I started out as a bass-head........maybe i've evolved to have more "hi-fi" ears over the years? wahahahahaha


But as a baseline, I loved the first generation v-moda vibes, but truly hated with a vengence the 2nd generation vibes.

Is the new NuForce NE-700M more like the 1st generation v-moda vibes?


These Munitio Teknines.....they look so lovely, packaging and all.....i really wanna love them BUT.......think it's going to take something pretty close to a miracle for them to change so much from what they are now to what I want them to be.

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Well, they definitely have a unique sound!  If you keep hoping they will turn into something they are not, you might be disappointed!  If you want them to sound like some of the other favorite IEM's on this board they won't.... and if you try to A/B them to one of those it will always sound "thick" in comparison. 


Learn to love them for what they are biggrin.gif  "smooth and powerful"..... to quote the ljokerl.... they are not a "crystal clear" audiophile IEM if that's what you are going for.... but I think they sound f'ing phenomenal with electronica, hip hop (especially jazzy / melodic stuff like Mos Def, Tribe Called Quest, etc), acoustic / alt stuff.  For that type of music the warm, smooth sound is perfect for MY tastes.


And don't be afraid to tweak with EQ, as many other have noted the treble is actually quite smooth and detailed, so if the bass is too much for your tastes you can tweak it down which will "lift" the treble/mids to be more prominent.   I find I need to do this (engaging the "treble boost" EQ curve on my ipod) with heavier music like rock or metal where the "thick" sound of the Munitios makes things sound congested or overwhelming.


But if they aren't your cup of tea no worries!  smily_headphones1.gif  That's why restaurants have menus....

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I cannot stand these....
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