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Originally Posted by kyokyo0412 View Post

Project, we are all waiting your new D2 review since your D1 review is fantastic.

Thanks! As I've mentioned though, I'm not going to do a big write-up on the D2 like I did with the original. It's just going to be some observations about the similarities and differences of the two models. I've just got way to much on my plate at the moment - new baby due in 2-3 weeks, buying a new van (yep, I'm going to be a van person now.... weird), articles for InnerFidelity, work, and a bunch of other stuff too. 


So far I can say that the D2 does seem improved over the D1 in terms of DAC performance. It's not a huge difference - indeed, I don't know if that sort of improvement is possible at any price. But I'm hearing minor things that remind me of the difference between the D1 and the Resonessence Labs Invicta. I need to spend some time listening through a speaker rig to learn more.


I just got the new HiFiMAN HE-400 in, which should be a good test for the amp section. It's about on par with the LCD-2 in terms of being easy enough to drive to acceptable levels but harder to actually drive right, where it reaches peak performance. Right off the bat the D2 seems really great straight from the headphone out. 

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I'm posting this here as its the most updated D1 topic but please let me know if there's a better one for this question.


I just brought my D1 to work to use there and for the first time am going to be using the Optical SPDIF (used the Coax at home).


To get the optical out of our work laptop, I'm using the Asus Xonar U3 USB Soundcard which has the Optical output.  However after an initial 3 second play of a song, the D1 starts losing the signal every 2 seconds for a half second a time.  I see the signal lock light going from Green to Red and vice-versa.  I've tried straightening the optical cable to make sure it didn't have any sharp bends which could cause signal loss but that doesn't seem to be the case.


I'm not sure where the problem lies currently, I have no other way to put an optical spdif signal (or any SPDIF for that matter) and have no other devices which use an optical SPDIF so I can't eliminate either variable.


Any hints/tips would be appreciated.

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Just out of curiousity, does your work laptop might already have a shared optical S/PDIF with the headphone out? When you use the optical out feature from the U3, did you set 'Digital out' as the standard device in your Playback devices in Windows?


For me optical can be a hit and miss for no apparent reason. Optical out from my Asus notebook feeding it to the D1 works just flawlessly. Whereas optical out from my PC is a pain to get it working.

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Hi cky8,


No my laptop doesn't have the optical output as standard. I wish it did :(


With the U3 control panel, the only SPDIF options (other then turning it on/off are PCM or Dolby Digital Live).  I've tried both with same effect.


When you say it was a pain to get it working, what did you have to do to fix it? And what was the issue?

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I have issues with optical on some of my DACs. Some of them just don't get along with certain players/computers. I'm not sure why. Never had issues with the D1 though.

Can you try another cable just to rule that out? Should be a cheap thing to do and then you'd know for sure.

In other news, my D1 is official up for sale. Will write up my comparison notes with the D2 whenever I get time (which could be a while!)
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Whenever you use Xonar series sound cards make sure the checkbox is checked for SPDIF Out, and set it to PCM. But also in Windows under 'Playback devices' (right-click from volume icon), set the Digital out for U3 as standard playback device.

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Yeah I can try another cable. Hmm I wonder why optical is so flaky. I didn't think it would be, being that its not a new technology (relatively speaking)

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Just tested it with a Macbook Pro.  D1 works fine over optical so I guess its the ****ty Xonar U3 USB :(

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Very interesting DAC. Is it still worth a look into ? Or are there better solutions now?

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the anedio d2 is really the one to be looking at

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From what I understand, D2 really only upgrades the USB input. So if you don't plan on using the USB, save yourself a LOT of money, and get a D1.

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That wouldn't be fair to the D2. It provides balanced output too. And the overall better design of the power section yielded sonic improvements for both the DAC and headphone output. Integrating the U2 into the D2, would make it more competent to todays standards, regarding USB input.

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Doesn't the D2 already include the U2 in it?


But good point about the further differences between D1 and D2. 

I would still say that if you don't need USB or balanced output, a used D1 is a better deal.  The power section redesign by itself would not be worth the $600-$800 difference between a used D1 and a new D2.

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Sorry for not being clear. Yes the U2 is integrated in the D2. And agreed upon the power section you mentioned which is already known based on feedback here.



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I agree for the most part. The D2 does take things to an all new, incredibly high level. But let's not forget how good the D1 remains. And I'm not just saying this because my D1 is for sale.... Seriously, it is so good that I am conflicted about selling it, even though I really want to try the W3000ANV with the funds it would bring in. I'll certainly miss that front panel when it is gone.
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