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Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Red - Fake or Real?

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Hello. I want to buy this item from eBay, but I don't know, if this headphones are Fake. Please help me. Thank You...


Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Red 01


Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Red 02


Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Red 03


Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Red 04

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I vanted o-range, it gave me le-mon lime.


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OK. Thanks...

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they look real compare to my brothers. Of course the color is off, but I'm assuming it's your camera as red is a hard color to reproduce.


Most of the time you can't really tell until you listen to a fake to see if it sound good or not.  If you look up you should find info about fake beats studio.  If I remember correctly most of it was analyzing the box.  The box is different in a lot of of small details and very subtle, but when compare to the real box it's obvious.  But if you don't have the real one in front of you(picture will work too I think) it's hard to tell the difference.  Like one example is the picture of dre himself is darker and harder to see the details on his face. 

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My guess is that it is fake. I didn't know they came out with red ones for the studios. You could get it colorware but then the price for a colorware beats is 499.
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How much do they cost? sometimes the price is an important factor to determine if they're fakes. 

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Do yourself a favor and don't get them...regardless...then you won't have to worry about them being fake.


But, if you have your heart set on getting them, if the price is low enough, go ahead and get them. I don't imagine it will really make much difference whether they are fake or not. They look the part, isn't that all Beats are about anyways? Looks.

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Originally Posted by ArmAndHammer View Post

 isn't that all Beats are about anyways? Looks.

Yeah, good point. 

Will you consider another choices? 

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These have been custom coloured from colorware.


They look real. However a sure fire way to tell is the silver accents where headbands leather meets with the plastic if those silver details have "Monster" on one side and "Studio" on the other it's more than likely these are real just custom coloured.



FYI I own a pair of authentic studios I can confirm this as they are a replacement from Monster themselves.

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I guess other choices would depend on what the OP listens to and what he/she is looking for (other than bling) in a set of headphones. Depending on the price of this particular pair on ebay, there are so many other options for the price that Beats cost. Most of those options have been talked about in one of the other 5 or 6 threads recently about Beats. But some people just don't care...they only judge books by the cover, not by the content inside. 

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monster have put ebay on its 'black list' but that dosent mean they will be fake..... you put on the post that they are red .. to me they look bright orange, they look pretty cool... up to you if you decide to buy them.. maybe you  could ask the seller to send you the serial number behinber the panel where the batterys go, then you could email monster to check if they are legit.


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I don't bought this item. I only watching auction. This photos are from seller. Starting price is 99,99 AU (Australian Dollars).

I wrote to seller, that I want more photos of item. And a receive no reply from seller. He is from Singapore.


Here is item on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Brand-new-Black-Red-Monster-Beats-Studio-Headphones-/170578978620?pt=AU_headphone&hash=item27b74ca73c


I found this item on some page, but this page isn't official (I think): http://www.monsterbeatsheadsets.com/red-limited-edition-monster-beats-studio-by-dr-dre-drdre-onear-on-ear-hd-headphones-p-32.html


I don't know... Thank You for replies...

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They look real......



.....Real overpriced.

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Beats by Dre= garbage I had some the left one quit working sent it in to get it replaced and they lost my headphones. I will never by any monster product again.

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Why worry about fakes when you can save your money and have a better set?

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