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not exactly a sealed seal....but u can get it to fit BETTER for a more satisfying sound if u experiment a little more..

instead of just letting it sit loosely on the outer ear, like what i would do for most earbuds and dun expect much.


Right this moment, MJ is not doing too badly in my ears with his BEAT IT.


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I've found that a pair of Yurbuds has helped my PFII immensely. They bring out the depth of these earbuds, increasing the overall impact of the presentation, as well as depth of bass. Furthermore, they do not distort the sound. I tried the Yurbuds with my PK1 and PK3, and in both cases, although the sound was more pronounced as with the PFII, the soundstage was a bit distorted by them. My theory is that the PFII do not suffer from this because they are the same shape as the Yurbuds; it's like they were designed for each other. However, on the standard earbud design, it sort of 'funnels' the sound in a way that the earbud was not designed for, causing a sort of compression in the soundstage, while still offering the richer depth. Anyway, I tried Lorspeaker's trick a few days ago, and that definitely helped things; i particularly find the highs to be better articulated and clearer. I think the Yurbuds still offer some protection, so I figured I'd knock out the little plastic cross in the hole as well. This setup really brings out the potential of the PFII, and I far prefer them over my PK1 and pretty much any of my other headphones; I haven't used any of my other portable headphones since last year (except for running, which is what PK3 are for).



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Glad you liked them. I'm getting a pair tomorrow cool.gif

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It turns out that the English-language Musica Acoustics Japan web site is out of date. They no longer have stock of the PF II.

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Hey f4phantom2500,


Which sized Yurbuds enhancers fit the PFII ?

I'm loving these, and when I press them closer they sound most amazing.

And I'm hoping these Yurbuds thing would help bring out that magic I hear when i press them in.


So, is it a standard size 5 ? 4? that you're using?

refer this :  http://www.amazon.com/Yurbuds-Earbud-Covers-Size-5/dp/B00AEB7WNS

Please tell me which ones I should go for. If this works, I'd stop spending more money on earphones (till I save enough of PFVIII)



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I used a size 5, and it definitely helped bring out the sound qualities of the PFII, just as you'd expect them to. The bass particularly is more appropriate. It doesn't sound like a boost, it just sounds exactly like you'd expect - as though you've gotten a much better seal with the earphones. I'd say the PFII and the yurbuds are basically made for each other; their designs are so complementary that the yurbuds are basically like gloves for the PFII. As I recall, it was a very interesting experience, because you could hear everything around you very well, yet the PFII have a great presence and are clear even when stuff around you is getting loud.

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Just ordered these from Amazon.de for EUR 12...
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Got long double flange tips with a wide bore stem along with my crappy LZ-A2S which perfectly fits my PFIIs. The sound is ******* incredible, and I can hear all that bass. Still no sub-bass though (PFs don't do sub-bass), but these tips bring out the best in these earphones. I have a bunch of other earphones, buy nothing can touch the mids and vocals these babies can produce.
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