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advice on iem for rock/metal

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alright after countless hours reading a bunch of threads and articles i decided to join and ask for further assistance  im looking for some good iems in the 120ish range that will do well with classic rock,metal and all its genres and some rap and hip hop.ive read that the   heje900k were a good choice but there are no longer being old  and ive read mixed review on the shure se115s and the lower end UEs so im confused i came from a set of shure e2s that lasted 4 years till last week . thanks 




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bump after doing so more reading would the ie6 be well enough for my useage ? what about the ue studios 3s ? 

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You could wait around for the newer version of the Fischer Audio Silver bullets, great sound  stage, lush midrange which is just right, excellent bass and detail in the treble. I listen to metal and rock too and they are fantastic. The only problem is the cable is flimsy but version 2 is supposed to improve on this. It's only $81 too

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the problem with that is this is my Christmas gift lol and i need to let my uncle know so he can order them , so far i read the IE 6 are pretty good for the price but would they work well with rock metal and some hip hop ? or if the IE7 better for that ? if anybody could help i would appreciate it as I'm a noob to this.

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any help guys ? still lost on what to go to after reading sigh    109 and free shipping for these o.o will these work for me ?http://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-Custom-3-In-Ear-Noise-Isolating-Earphones/dp/B000WAHFC4/ref=sr_1_6?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=1292473650&sr=1-6

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is there any help out there ????

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Did you like your Shures with rock and metal? In my experience IEMs with forward mids sound awesome with guitar driven rock. Zakk Wyldes guitars sound great on Shures. I've had the e2c's and the se420's. I would think you can't go wrong with a new Shure in your price range.

However I've read a lot of good reviews on the Klipsch Custom 3. Many here report they have sweet mids and bass. Also several have said the Soundmagic pl50's have Shure like mids. They are $55 on mp4nation. I have the pl30's and they are really good budget IEMs. The most comfortable I've worn. Maybe you can get some headfiers to tell you more about the Custom 3's and pl50's.
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I've also been wondering about the ie6's...

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ive read up on the custom 3s and no luck on how would they sound on rock and such wish someone would chime in about it as on amazon there going for 109 and free shipping o.o my shure e2s work great on what i listen to the end the left side cutted in and out and then no sound at all so i got my use out of them for 4 years lol

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I haven't used them but the custom 3's get a lot of negative reviews for durability of the wires. $109 is only a good deal if it lasts lol.

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man im so lost lol i want a nice pair of iems that will work well in metal and rock with a little rap in the 120 range lol and before christmas

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Rather than stress out about it just buy a pair, if you don't like em sell and try something else biggrin.gif

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The Customs are really good.


If you decide to get them, go right to the sellers website. They are $99 there with free shipping.




I personally haven't heard anything as good with metal/rock at the HJE900's.


I did find this




I don't have any info on the store. But, this may be the last place on earth to get them for this low.

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anybody have any other suggestions ? btw those custom 3s aren't from authorized dealer ...

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I have the ie6's and don't find them very well suited for rock music. I couldn't offer an alternative as I havent tried anything elsept the klipsch x10's but they're not in the same price range. I would definitely try find an alternative to the ie6's though.
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