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In my opinion I would not want any cable from him , even it's the best in the world.  No cable worth waiting that long.

We have been waiting for a cable for 8-9 months, if we are waiting for a Blue Hawaii SE that's understandable.

The only thing that still keeps me asking for the cable is that I still want Alex to be in business for the sake

of himself only .   We should demand a refund and we can begin doing something with paypal or his bank credit or

even go to the customer protection.   We know that he is now in Pennsylvania which I wonder any storm there?

and we can proceed from there or we can start from here in head-fi.   We can issue him a letter from our group

demanding a refund  and if there is no direct answer that could be the beginning of the legal process. We

keep holding those measures back in my opinion partly because I as a person would not want to hurt anybody business

and I think most of our group are thinking the same, more or less.

A gentleman direct answer  and  promise from Alex will solve all

If Brent can get his cable, why any direct mail from Heli or Alex  to Smart once in a while so difficult?

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I have just heard from Smart that there is  response from Heli.

I will stop and leave all to Smart.

Thanks Currawong, Alex and Heli for the answer

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I will be overwhelmed if Alex send me an email with ETA today.  I used to deal the order with Heli in our first group buy, and everything went so smooth that I didn't have to write to Alex.  But I have some questions here.. why couldn't Alex send his mail to me directly?  Why bother having head-fi's staff, who have more than enough to handle the members, to handle this issue?  It's good to have head-fi staff who aware of this issue and try to solve the problem.


Don't worry, we will not flood Alex inbox with our emails.  Waiting 8 months should already prove how patience we are.  And if you really want to see the list of our order ... here it is:

1. Jackcarver [APS V3 - 7 Ft.] [4-Pin XLR Male] [Neutrik] [Super NylonSleeve] [for HE5]
2. Kanit106 [APS V3 - 10 Ft.] [Single End] [Nuetrik 1/4"] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800]
3. Kris2day [APS V3-7Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech ] [Super Nylon] [For-HD 650]
4Krairoek [APS V3 - 10 Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800] 
5. dwsmnn [APS V3 - 7 Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD600]
6Sasuke [APS V3 - 10 Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800]
7. yoyo [APS V3 - 7 Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HE5]
8. redbook [APS V3 - 10 Ft.] [Single End] [Nuetrik 1/4"] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HE5]
9. OmoNemo [APS V3 - 12 Ft.] [3-Pin XLR] [Furutech CF601M Rhodium] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800]
10. Chalermwoot [For T1] [APS V3 - 10 ft.] [3-pins XLR] [Furutech Rhodium] [Super Nylon Sleeve]
11. butnotforme [APS V3 - 8 Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for LCD2]
12. Kiertijaib  [APS V3 - 7 Ft.] [Single End] [Neutrik 4 pin XLR] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for audeze lcd-2]
13. Tonlove7 [APS V3 - 9 Ft.] [Single End] [Nuetrik 1/4"] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800]
14. Uthen [APS V3 - 9 Ft.] [Single End] [Nuetrik 1/4"] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800]
15. Nung1 [APS V3 - 5 Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech 1/4" Plug] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for Ed8]
16. Nung1 [APS V3 - 10 Ft.] [3-Pin XLR] [Nuetrik] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for SA5000]
17. Nung1 [APS V3 - 12 Ft.] [3-Pin XLR] [Furutech CF601M Rhodium] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800]
18. redbook [APS V3 - 8 Ft.] [3-Pin XLR] [Nuetrik] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HE5]
19. redbook [APS V3 - 8 Ft.] [3-Pin XLR] [Nuetrik] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800]
20. redbook [APS V3 - 2 Ft.] [3-Pin XLR to 1/4" Adapter] [Nuetrik] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for 18 & 19]
21. Nung1 [APS V3 - 2 Ft.] [3-Pin XLR Female to 1/4" Adapter] [Nuetrik] [Super Nylon Sleeve]
22. leenawat_sri [APS V3 - 30 Ft.] [Single End] [Nutrik 4pin XLR] [Carbon Sleeve] [for HE5]
23. Kiertijaib [APS V3 - 3 Ft.] [4-Pin XLR Female to 1/4" Adapter] [Nuetrik] [Super Nylon Sleeve]
24. Jangster [APS V3 - 10 Ft.] [3-Pin XLR] [Furutech CF601M Rhodium] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800]
25. Jangster [APS V3 - 2 Ft.] [3-Pin XLR Female to 1/4" Adapter] [Nuetrik] [Super Nylon Sleeve]
26. Achira20d [APS V3 - 7 Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HE5]
27. Archwunchai [APS V3 - 10 Ft.] [Banana plug with 4ft cable length on each side, since he will use it with Mono Blog Power Amplifiers which were put 6 ft apart from each others] [with socket for HE6] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HE6]
28. Jackcarver [APS V3 2 Ft.] [4-Pin XLR Female] [Neutrik] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [ 4 Banana Plug for connect to Speaker Post] 
29. Jacky - [APS V3 - 6 Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800]
30. Worra - APS V3 - 8 Ft.] [Single End] [Furutech] [Super Nylon Sleeve] [for HD800] 


This is NOT our first group buy.  I used to handle group buys many times with Ray Samuel, Ken (ALO), Tod (TTJV), and many other vendors.  We know exactly what we should do as good customers.


Congratulations for those who received the items, and we are here to tell you guys that we are still waiting for our cables.  IT SHOULDN'T BE DIFFICULT AT ALL FOR APURESOUND TO SEND AN EMAIL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS, TO KEEP THEM INFORMED.  But it seems like communications is still a problem here.



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The nonsense thing that I could found on this thread is that APS didn't, and seems unwilling to deal directly to their value customers, and keep them wait for 8 months without a clear message. The second is some people here wanna manipulate thing from wrong to right. I'll see if he could follow his word.

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as a member of First Group Buy and this Second Group Buy from APS

as a music lover and do love in this product very much

I confirm that : I still want to buy Alex's cables (All my system - two mono block 300B / HE6 / HD800 waiting for this cable for 8 months)

I just want to know that Alex still want to do these cables for me and our group or not ?

He just show us something willing to make everything going on the Right Way

He should ship some of finish cables to us (may be 4-5 sets) and I happy to pay him extra $ for partly shipment

that will show that he still concern and working on this Group Buy lot


I would appreciate if he spend more 8 month to do something not like last 8 months for doing not things

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Alex told me he is working 10-12 hours a day to catch up at present.

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Originally Posted by Currawong View Post

Alex told me he is working 10-12 hours a day to catch up at present.

Hi currawong, I've sent you a PM, can you please confirm if you forward it to APS?
Thank you.
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I checked my active gmail's inbox this mornig (local time, which is over 30 hours from the private message I received from a moderator), but I found no word from Alex.


Can you please let him know that my inbox is always ready to receive any email.  Thank you.

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Another week is passing by, but there's still no sign of response from Alex.

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Yeah i gave up and fixed my own recable after a generous offer first from Peter at DHC to fix it without charge-not even his cable!!  He  recabled my HD800s, made me a usb->mini USB cable and a regular sized USB cable to go to my Diverter in the past,  all of which work great.  The second offer to fix it came a few hours later from PJ at Bellatone Audio.  These are the people who should be getting the business, they are here with us on head-fi and are very responsive as well as having good products.  Apuresound is difficult to get ahold of, unresponsive and takes forever to complete recables.

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This thread just save me money... sorry to all that are having problems... but thanks for sharing to keep others from suffering.

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And to think I just recommended them to another Head-Fier...

(although he went the DIY route due to their exorbitant prices.)

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I received an email from Alex few hours ago, with a promise that he should be able to finish all cables and ship them out before end of July.  I hope that our 9 months of waiting will be ended soon.

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There still appears to be a problem with his email (from apuresound.com). I've bugged him to look into it.

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That's very good news.

Thanks Currawong and Smart

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