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How many of the merchants you normally deal with do custom work on things one at a time to order? I'd bet very few. 



Well, actually, I deal with quite a few, including makers of expensive handmade musical instruments all over the world.


I accept what you are saying, but I stand by what I said. If this merchant can't deal with normal business communication, then he should be forthright about it in his initial communications, and simply indicate that he cannot reply to emails, rather than leave his customers hanging, wondering and worrying about their funds.


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I and my friend placed my 2nd order (a group buy) about 6 months ago (well, there were additional and changes to the items that took time).  We ended up with 30 items of APureSound cables and adaptors.  Communications were good until the server was down in mid December.  I received only 1-2 email from Heli since then.


I believe that my order has been completed (or very close), but wonder why they don't try to communicate as promised.


We are still waiting, and I still keep sending my mail to Heli, and Alex every 3-4 days.


Maybe this is another channel to communicate, through head-fi community.

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Hello everyone. I really don't know what to say. As many of you know we had some major email server issues going on which I thought were resolved, but they weren't.


About 3 weeks ago I started the migration to another provider which I thought would only take a day or 2 at most, but ended up the longest most drawn out process I have ever experienced. The worst part of it all is that our customer has to suffer thinking we just disappeared when in fact we have been replying to all of the email we receive, but they would not go any further than the server. As Heli and I go through and resend the email please be patient with us. Everyone will receive a reply for every email sent to us to ensure nothing was missed. I feel deeply hurt about the whole situation since I do everything I can to ensure a pleasant experience.




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Thanks Alex.


I received an email from APS on the 3rd March indicating they are going to be sending out my cable this week. I also received a PM on the same day. I am attending a local head-fi meet this weekend and i was hoping to have this cable to showcase my rig. But it looks like i am not going to get it in time. No probs. I will have it for next time.

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The solution: gmail

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alex is a great guy. he is very professional and his cables are excellent. i would not be concerned.

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Yeah, I can see the occasional fail if I used my hosting company's email servers, although they do have their advantages.  Companies as big as APS aren't about to let you down, though.  

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I want to report that both Alex and Heli did end up emailing me over the past 2 weeks and apologized for delays/email problems.


Yesterday I received my order. Everything was perfect; the cables are superb.



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Cable arrived today - sent Express Post to Australia. Thank You. Alex

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Congrats, guys.  Alex replied my email about 2 weeks ago, too. Hope to see the package landed on my door step soon. 

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I'm getting a bit concerned myself, I ordered a cable late January - wait time was supposed to be 2-3 weeks (it will be 2 months on Monday)...  I asked for an update last Thursday but no response yet... crossing my fingers...

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The solution: gmail

Gmail isn't a viable choice for legit businesses, you want to have control over every aspect of your business. Also the volume of email businesses receive and send is quite large

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Another week with no reply from Heli or Alex.  I've asked them to cancel my order.  Now I have to wait who-knows-how-long for a refund so I can order a new cable from some other vendor...



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Double Helix Cables makes great ones.

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They have a backlog of almost exactly a week to respond to an email and ship parts to me, that's how long it took last order I placed for headphone connectors.  

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