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Wanted: WTB: 5 Pro

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WTB: 5 Pro

Still looking for a pair, preferrably black but not to fussed. Also it's my left one that's broken so if you have a broken right one i'll still take them;)

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Forgot to mention the guy I was going to get them off decided to keep them, I'd prefer a black one since it'd be even weirder having 2 coloured IEM's and the sf 5 pros look weird enough as it is.



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:( ughhh miss having my SF5's as my gym iem's -.-"

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-.-" still looking

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buuumppppp, I know there were people who got in on the logitech deal for $80... Anyone???

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Dude thats crazy because I broke my right one just yesterday and I'm PISSED too! Logitech will give you 50 percent off on new headphones off the UE website though!

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Oo even with out a receipt? But they don't have the 5 pros I broke mine last year never got around getting it replaced
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Are you still looking for good left driver? Are you in the US?


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Yes, and no I'm in Australia.

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I just joined this site after lurking/reading for many months. I recently had a double whammy occur - I lost my TF10s 2 weeks ago AND now my left super.fi5 pro is damaged (tried putting the vi cable onto them unsuccessfully). Matto or Vansen any interest in selling yours? I can't tell you how painful it is to go back to stock apple headphones.



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