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Audio Technica W1000 is one of the more underrated phones from the Japanese manufacturer...

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How do you folk compare the W1000 with the W5000?


I find the W1000 wonderful for vocals, maybe even better than the W1000X and W3000.  Is the W5000 even better?

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Nope, W5000 sounds unnatural in the mids, but does strings and piano quite well. Dunno how but that is how it is. Very coloured headphones, very polarising too even with the right amp driving it.

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Thanks, Ra97oR.  I am right now listing to vocals + cello on my W1000 and it sounds perfect. :-)


I think I will refrain from upgrade compultion to upgrade for now.... :-)  

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So I just obtained a W1000 out of sheer luck.


Love the treble and midrange. It's perfect to my ears. Sweet midrange and treble that extends very well without being overwhelming. There is a noticeable lack of air due to them being closed, but they still sound very natural thanks to the very well-done treble.


But bass was severely lacking. Well, "was". I've been able to rectify that with some... clever padding of materials in the back of the wood ear cups enclosure, and some rolls of tissue in the ear pads to puff them up for a better seal and also better comfort.


Wow... and now I must say, this is what the W1000X should have been. Simply a W1000 with more bass to balance out the bright treble and midrange section. The W1000 is able to produce some pretty convincing bass without bloat (because it doesn't quite respond that well in the sub-bass region). It's now my favorite general-purpose headphone that's good for pretty much... everything.


Will do a write-up on how to perform this mod whenever I have some more free time.

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