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Sorry if this thread is just clutter for the site, just redirect me if this is completely unoriginal. Mods=Gods.


So I've been wanting a good pair of over ear headphones in the $100 - $150 range. I've been finding a lot of really sick headphones by Sennheiser like the HD 595's or 555's and other models like them.  The problem with those is I want these headphones for home use but i also want it to be easily accessible, meaning i don't want to need an adapter for a 1/4 inch to a 3.5mm jack.  This is mainly for my iPod, and general indoor use.  I'm probably not gonna go anywhere with them.  Not to mention I'm not a DJ and i don't play an instrument so the 1/4 inch jack is useless.


I like the design of some of the Sennheisers that have the air tunnel. and the E.A.R. feature seems pretty cool.  Can you guys suggest any over hear headphones in that price range?  Also i like the style of the headphones in my default pic.  Nice and simplistic.  i.e. it doesn't really stick out in any place or seem really professional.


Extra Details:

Has to have good bass.

Sleek style.

Comfortable even after long periods of time

Regular length cable (around 4ft.)

3.5mm jack

Noise cancellation (or close to it.)

$100 - $200


Thanks in advance.


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