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Originally Posted by grokit View Post
Originally Posted by WhiteCrow View Post

maybe it comes with a portable dac and amp?

Originally Posted by obazavil View Post

They claim that in their site?


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"Optimizes and upgrades compressed MP3 to CD quality resolution."


Not even a DAC and amp could do that, what a bunch of BS

Since this thread got bumped I gave it a Google... for an extra hundred duckets it actually does come with a DAC and amp:


It's a "7.1 surround sound amplifier":




Originally Posted by dFixxx3r View Post

thou seems its impossible to buy them now

Were these ever available? It seems that they are listed in a few places, but sill out of stock or in pre-order status. Crutchfield: "PRE-ORDER Ship date uncertain". Still confused.gif


edit: no reviews at any retailer, like they never ever shipped. Perhaps they decided to wait until Tron 3 comes out--you heard it here first biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Kukuk View Post

"Optimizes and upgrades compressed MP3 to CD quality resolution."



Where did you see that?

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Looks cool, but will probably be overpriced like all of Monster's products.

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Prices are $300 for regular T1's, $350 for Daft Punk (white) edition, and another $180 for the Game Box (7.1 surround sound) and detachable mic. You would think that when paying $300 for some gaming headphones you would already get some type of surround sound but I guess not.


EDIT: Apparently the regular T1's are also $350, so much for $300 like they advertised at CES 2012.

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Both colors are listed for $299 at Crutchfield but still on "pre-order".

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Man, no lies, the Daft Punk edition ones make me want to grow a cyber weener.

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Originally Posted by Gilly87 View Post

Man, no lies, the Daft Punk edition ones make me want to grow a cyber weener.

I think I need to go rinse out my eyes.


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Originally Posted by Anaxilus View Post

I think I need to go rinse out my eyes.



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Sorry to bump this old post, but I believe these are going to come out soon... and I say this because I just saw a couple of them being sold on eBay.




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They look kinda gross with the lights off...

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I bought one recently, I will post the review soon!! I´m a Daft Punk fan... so I had to buy it.atsmile.gif

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Monster Tron T1 headphone ( Daft Punk Limited Edition ) Review.












Everybody knows that this headphone was cancelled by Monster a few months ago, and the only way to buy it is from ebay, from sellers that have contacts with Monster. Luckily I have a friend that works in that company and I manage to get one at a good price. 


This headphone claims to be the ultimate headphone for electronic music, and this headphone was tuned by Daft Punk (The real reason I bought it). 








What Comes in the box?


The headphone comes with two cables, the regular audio cable and the control talk that has a small chamber for a AAA battery for the headphone LED lights. A semi-hard touring case, cleaning cloth, and the manuals and warranty papers.


Build Quality:


The materials used in these headphones are cheap and flimsy, even so the headphones look very nice to me (personal opinion), I now realize why these headphones were cancelled by Monster. The headphone is very fragile and I´m very cautious while wearing it. The cables are very nice and sturdy, and the protective case is very nice, It´s semi hard and comes with chambers for the two cables.







First of all, this headphone comes with an on-ear design, and I´m not much of a fan it, I still prefer the around-ear style. However, the T1´s is very comfortable, and the memory foam is very soft and manages heat very efficiently. It is a lot more comfortable than my V-moda M80, Grado SR325is and Sennheiser Amperior, which they all share the on-ear design. 





Isolation & sound leak:


If isolation is a big concern, this headphone does a very good job as a passive noise canceling, It´s not the best passive noise canceling ( I think the Amperior and M-80 do a better job ) but it´s acceptable.


Sound leak of the T1 is very similar to the Beats By Dre studios, It´s not a very good headphone to use in public. People next to you will hear your tunes.




This headphone is very good looking, It´s not elegant but It has a very fancy nerdy look. It looks like it came directly from the Tron Movie. People always ask me where did I bought it and they seems to love the appearance. While I still prefer the more conservative and glamorous look of my Phillips Fidelio L1, I have to say that the T1 is a very unique and original headphone. The most important and original aspect of the headphone is the included LED lights, which looks stunning and beautiful.



























Well, this headphone is obviously not an Audiophile headphone. This is a mass production product targeted for teenagers. The sound quality is not bad, It´s acceptable. But when I compare the T1´s with the Amperior, and the M80´s. The T1 is completely owned, and sounds very artificial and hollow. However, I still consider this headphone better sounding than the Beats By dre Studios. 


This is a warm sounding headphone with emphasis in the lows. The bass is not muddy and overwhelming like the beats Studios, But it surely has a bass emphasis. the mids are Ok.. and the highs are distant and artificial sounding. On the other hand, I really love one specific aspect of this headphone. The PUNCH it creates when listening to electronic music, It´s the first headphone I have bought that I feel this intense punch, You actually feel the beat each time you hear the BOOOOOM, your ears will feel the vibration of the drivers and feel the music like no other headphone I´ve ever bought. Listening to Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Tiesto, Skrillex, Sub Focus, with the T1 makes me feel like I´m In the Ultra festival ( No kidding ) 


Conclusion: So buy or not to buy?






I definitely can´t recommend this headphone, this headphone is exclusively for electronic music. It´s good, but only for that genre. I still prefer my Amperior and M80 for all types of music, and my Fidelio L1 for movies and gaming in my computer. Furthermore, this headphone average price on Ebay is $400, and that´s extremely expensive for a headphone like this.  


(I´m sorry if i made a mistake, English is not my native language, lol)

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Well, they're certainly... err... unique.  If nothing else, I quite like the headband.  Broad, contoured, and well-padded should equate to good comfortability.


Thanks for posting your impressions, Towwers!  I had no idea they had been canceled.

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