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IC - Ventura County, CA or thereabouts - Page 2

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Have a house in ventura county.

Newbury Park to be specific.

Would be happy to cart a bunch of amps and some stax.

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Would also prefer something closer to OC/LA but would be willing to drive out if there's something more concrete planned.

I'm in OC myself.



Balanced LCD-2 (Moon Audio Silver Dragon)

Balanced HD650 (Cardas)

Blossom BLO-0169 Balanced Amp (soon with Welborne PSU)

Headroom Balanced Desktop Amp (Astrodyne PSU)

Yulong D100 DAC

M2Tech HiFace


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You might want to reconsider the Welborne route...have you read this?


Just making sure you're aware.

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Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to check the output of the PSU to make sure its within spec

before plugging it into my amp.

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Bakersfield here and I'm interested. All I have to offer is a MacBook with an extensive apple lossless collection, a E7/E9 combo and HD598 cans. I am looking to get some D5000 or D7000's sooner than later if someone has either to sample redface.gif.
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I'm new, but I'd be happy to join. I'm from Camarillo. I could bring HD650s and K702s.

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^Welcome, your wallet will love you for this.rolleyes.gif

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