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thanks alot i found this after searching though a blog

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I think I saw that it supports 3G. Have you tried it on 3G? Which carriers are supported and how much does it cost?

3G coverage was one of the biggest reasons I bought an iPad. I wonder if this or one like it might be a good competitor.

Comes with 100 mb a month on verizon free for 2 years, they also have a bunch of discounted PAYG packages (10 usd for a day, and another monthly one IIRC). You can also pop in a simcard - so any US phone company that supports GSM based systems ought to work. You cannot buy a Cr48 - you have to apply to be a beta tester, and hope

I want to do this to how do you apply as a beta tester?

google searching has failed me in this endeavor


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I received mine within 36 hours of application

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Is it just a epic browser?


The application was done through a promotion website about a month ago, and I think they shipped out several thousands of them.

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I signed up for the program, but guess I didn't get chosen :(

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It is essentially one epic browser, yes. As to the beta program, they might issue a second round of sorts, but I dont think they are doing a running application, units are not shipped out every day.

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so this chrome os will never be anything more than a netbook with just the chrome browser? i was hoping for a google version of linux for the masses. if anybody can make linux mainstream it would be google. i was hoping that's what this was going to be.

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Awesome that you got chosen for the program. You inspired me to sign up! I can't get over how sexy the CR-48 is... absolutely beautiful.

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One problem with the cr48 is that if it doesn't have internet access, it's pretty much a brick. You can't even log in to use it without first connecting to the internet.

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Should not be a problem for its planned release date, it comes with mobile data and there is a greater market for constant connectivity as we centralize, or rather delegate, our multitasking via mobile devices.

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I ended up getting a Cr-48 as well. I love it, best netbook design i've ever had the pleasure to use.

It is also possible to load other operating systems if you put the hardware in development mode, but not using ChromeOS is kind of like stealing from google.

My only real complaint with the OS is the current lack of USB audio support. The integrated sound at least puts out a cleaner signal then my old MacBook pro, but it is still integrated sound. Google is trying to solidify a cloud computing paradigm, though they have stating some intentions of expanding the capabilities of the OS later. For those of you looking for a list of tech specs here is a taredown: http://chromeossite.com/2010/12/11/google-cr-48-chrome-notebook-full-hardware-specs/


The GPU is the GMA 3150, took a little digging to find that one out.

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I like mine quite a bit. Flashed the bios and I am now running arch linux. 

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