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Charlotte area mini-meet <> February 20 - Page 2

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Hey Guys........the attendee and gear lists are growing, this is shaping up to be a really nice meet. There are several things I'm looking forward to trying, among them the Balanced HP-2. 

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If you are really anxious to try a balanced HP2 then I probably have to charge a fee. Is that OK?

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^ Do you take Medicare?

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That works for me if it works for you. I'll even throw in a free prostate exam.

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This is turning out to be quite the party

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"This is turning out to be quite the party"



Are you referring to the equipment or the prostate exam?

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Please tell me it's the equipment.

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Sounds like a good time! I may be able to show up but I'll have to see what my schedule ends up being next semester. I probably won't be able to make it but if I can I'll bring my LCD-2, AD2000, RS1, and modified T50RP (assuming it's done in time) along with my GLite, y2, and Asgard.

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Yup, equipment. If he puts on rubber gloves I'll be the first one running out the door.


of course if you added a lot of alcohol and a bunch of illegal fireworks we could all probably manage to get arrested 

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Seriously though. If I brought my copy of The Beatles Yesterday and Today. Is anyone versed enough to confirm whether I have one of the butcher paper copies? It appears It is but I'm having trouble verifying.

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I can verify that for you. I have a second state copy and it is quite easy to tell if you have an original if you know what to look for. So, bring it along and I'll be happy to check it out for you.

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My pleasure.

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It looks like we'll have a balanced K1000 for the meet.

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I may have forgotten to mention that the K1000 I'll be bringing is also balanced so that will make two.

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