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Charlotte area mini-meet <> February 20

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I'd like to host another meet at my home in Denver, maybe in early February. Any interest?

Here's a link with pics from the last one.



How does the following date work for everyone?


Sunday February 20th 11am - 4pm    


Post what gear you're bringing and I'll put together a list 





nathanv & friend


Stevtt -----------------strong maybe












XTTX & friend------------------maybe

dailydoseofdaly & friend---yes

Ken Weitzen------------yes



Alessandro MS-1

Grado RS-1

Grado RS-1 balanced

Grado HF-1

Grado HF-2 (3)

Grado SR-225

Grado SR080i

Grado HP-2 balanced

Stax O2Mk2

Denon D-7000 balanced

Denon D-2000 w/Markl mods

AKG K-701

AKG-701 w/Black Dragon

AKG K1000 balanced (2)

AKG K3-30

HiFiMan HE-6 balanced

Ultrasone Ed10

Sennheiser HD-650 balanced

Sennheiser HD-650 w/Moon audio Silver Dragon V2

Sennhieser PX-100 II

Shure SRH440

Beyer DT-880 w/black dragon cable




Woo 22

Woo 6 w/Sophis Princess 274B

Singlepower Maestro

Ray Samuels SR-71B

Ray Samuals P-51

Headroom Ultra Micro Amp/Dac

Headroom Ultra Desktop Amp/Dac

Millet Hybrid

Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA LFP-Edition 

DIY Minimax & Corda Cross

E7/E9 amp combo


Woo Wee

Little Dot MKIV SE




Pacific Valve CDM-12 > DacMagic

Cambridge Audio DVD99 (SACD)

Cary 303T CD Player

Cambridge Audio SonataCD30

Diyeden Great-March DAC

Framkenzero DAC 

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Wow! I haven't been on Head-Fi in a long time and I look today and find a local mini-meet posted this morning. Awesome! You can count me in.

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OK Kelly! I have a list of people who expressed interest after our last meet but as yet I haven't contacted anyone. I plan on doing that tomorrow, then we can pick a date. I'll update my first post as people signup.

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This thread is relevant to my interest. >,>

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i will have to take a day off from work but i am in like flynn.. 

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How does Sunday, February 20th sound? say from 11am until 4pm or whenever we're done. 

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Works for me

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the twentieth sounds good to me too.

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I'll try my best to come, its a much closer drive for me from UNC Charlotte than it was from raleigh.


I'll be bringing my modded d2ks, franekenzero, diy minimax, and diy corda cross

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It'd be 3 1/2 ours from me. It's a bit of a drive, but it could be cool to meet people whose eyes don't glaze when I geek out about headphones.

I'm in Salem, VA.
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I'm good for a Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA LFP-Edition. I'm expecting a set of phones for Christmas, the make and model will be a surprise for me atsmile.gif  I've been without cans for several years now, so this will be a treat.

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A bit of a hike but I'm sure you'd have a good time. Maye you could enlist a friend to share the drive. I'll add you to the attendee list.

Originally Posted by disastermouse View Post

It'd be 3 1/2 ours from me. It's a bit of a drive, but it could be cool to meet people whose eyes don't glaze when I geek out about headphones.

I'm in Salem, VA.

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Oh, I have HD 650 and SR80i as well as an E7/E9 amp combo.

I'll have to write a note to myself to ask for the day off at work, but it's still plenty of time away.
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In addition to the stuff already listed I'll also plan to bring a Grado HP2 balanced headphone, Jade, Stax O2Mk2, a CARY 303T CD player, a TTVJ 307A headphone amp, and the Woo Wee.

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I'll bring my Beyer 880's witht the Black Dragon Cable and my um3X's. Also have a Little Dot MKIV SE in anyone is interested. Any vinyl at this shindig?

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