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I hope their singing's better than their mathematics. tongue.gif

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I mainly purchased the HD650 to finally listen to classical music and actually enjoy it. Before these cans classical music listening at home never really got to me because it was just too different from a live concert.


While I like these phones for classical works I currently much prefer them for acoustic guitar music and female vocals. The last few weeks all that has been on my foobar playlist were the following records:


Eric Clapton, Unplugged

Loved my girlfriends reaction when first listening to the HD650's with the Earmax Pro. She asked me what this strange looking thing (the amp) next to our TV was. Instead of explaining anything I just put the HDs on her head and played 'Tears in Heaven'... she instantly closed her eyes and half through the song she removed them and said: "This sounds better than live!" ..and some quiet moments later: "You better hide this stuff or I'll take it." smily_headphones1.gif


Bebo Valdes & Diego El Cigala, Lagrimas Negras

Just sounds as if you'd be right there on stage with the artists, or at least sitting at the first little table in front of the stage (of course with a Mojito on the table!)


Buena Vista Social Club

This record has been one of my favourites for years but not because of the sound quality, more because I liked the songs. After having received the Earmax this was the first album I played and I was astonished by how great this record actually sounds! Rediscovered it and it will most probably stay on my disk for years.


..and then some albums from Melody Gardot, Missy Higgins, Tracy Chapman, Dido and others.

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I know this might sound bad since its on youtube, but can anyone that listens to R&B tell me how this sounds on their 650s? There's supposed to be smooth deep bass in the background and I want to know if the 650s can reach it. There's a 1080p option if necessary.



One other one. How does the bass guitar in the background sound?


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This song is amazing on the HD650s.  The percussion at the beginning is top notch, with a lot of impact.

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Blues Rock 




Beethoven ( Not a genre technically )


Never ever tried electronic :)

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Slower music like Vampire Weekend and Destroyer. Renders the voice liquid smooth, beautiful, and sweet.

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Me I am nuts about acoustic jazz, period! Any and all. So much to choose. Great detail and plenty of bass...acoustic. Me no headbanger. Not at 70 anyway.  Alex

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Movie music.  smily_headphones1.gif

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Clasical music , the brass are amazing

Any guitar music or string music.

Band drums.

Vocal music , chorus , jazz women voice .

It shines on a bit louder then average side of volume.

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