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For Sale:
SOLD Shure SE535 (Clear) in mint condition

Will Ship To: CONUS

Only reason I'm selling these iems so soon (I only bought them two months ago from Amazon) is that I lost control and went ahead and ordered JH16 Pros.  My lack of self-control is your gain!  If not for going the custom route, I'd definitely hold onto the 535 for a long time, as I think it's significantly better than the SE530 (and the detachable cable is a welcome upgrade) and I prefer its sound signature to the Westone UM3X (which I'm also selling in a separate thread).  Anyway, I've probably used them less than a dozen times and they're absolutely pristine -- I never used any of the accessories/tips/etc., as I always used them with my UM56 custom tips.  No point in taking photos (they're exactly as new), but I could if you're seriously interested.  I'll offer a full refund to any buyer who's not satisfied for any reason, but I can't imagine why you wouldn't be.  I need money soon for another project, so I'm selling these at a real discount -- $340, which includes paypal fees and basic shipping CONUS. (Note: I bought them for $500.)


My feedback (as "electrathecat") is immaculate here, at Audiogon, eBay, Nikonians, and Fred Miranda.  Here's a quick link to my old Head-fi feedback:



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