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Emergence by Trifonic....Amazing Album...if u've never heard of them...then...the music itself is very original...different...one of its kind....u won't regret at all...:D...if u have then u know wat i'm talking about if we're on the same page..:D

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The devil and God are raging inside me - Brand New


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Originally Posted by dunpeal View Post


The devil and God are raging inside me - Brand New


  I'll second that.  I'll also add Sublime - Sublime to the list.


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This has been said many times before, but for my money the most perfect album ever made is Pink Floyd Animals.

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Pink Floyd - The Wall, The Division Bell

Dream Theater - Awake, Metropolis Part 2 Scenes from a Memory

Opeth - Ghost Reveries

Death Cab For Cutie - Codes and Keys

Eagles - Hell Freezes Over


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That is a very underrated album.  Fantastic, through and through.

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Pink Floyd - The Wall, The Division Bell



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Just like to mention again that my list is still being updated on page 24 and also that this...


...is the definition of a flawless album.


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And it's one of those albums that sounds somehow even more perfect every time you listen to it.

Originally Posted by coolguyalex View Post

Just like to mention again that my list is still being updated on page 24 and also that this...

...is the definition of a flawless album.



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My first Miles Davis album among many and also my favorite smile.gif

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Alright, my list is ever changing, but here it goes:


Pink floyd: DSOTM, The Wall

The Antlers: Hospice                                                                                        (If this album doesn't make you tear up at least a little, you have no soul)

Massive Attack: Mezzanine, Heligoland

Hanz Zimmer: Inception soundtrack, The Last Samurai soundtrack                (although, if you want to get technical, soundtracks are filler by a cinematic definition)

One Republic: One Republic                                                                            (Yeah, shoot me, ban me, whatever, but this pop-rock album is entertaining front to back for me)

Evanesence: Fallen

Greenday: International Superhits                                                                    ( it's not cohesive since it's a greatest hits album,but all the songs are oh so good)

My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade                                                      (Yup, I went there. It's mainstream but it's great start to finish, and flows really well in music and substance) 

The Strokes: Angles


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Diana Krall - When I Look in Your Eyes

Tool - Undertow

Antonio Forcione Live!

James Cotton - Take Me Back (Blindpig records)

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

Pearl Jam - Live at Benaroya Hall

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*double posted*

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The only albums I can think of that I truly consider to be "flawless" are Demon Days by Gorillaz, which has already been mentioned, and The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Dark Side of the Moon comes close, but imo, the song "Money" is far from perfect, so I can't really call it a perfect album. Octavarium by Dream Theater is another one that comes close, but the melodramaticism of "The Answer Lies Within" doesn't fit with the general theme of the album at all, imo, so that song is kind of a dud. 

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Dire Straits self-titled debut album always comes to mind and never fails to disappoint.

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