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Searching for 3 days....

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Hi All!


Been searching for 3 days for a good pair of 70-100$ canalphones.  


As a general rule I listen to quite a bit of electronica/pop (think owl city, etc.) so bass isn't a huge deal for me although I would like some deep notes to be able to come thru clearly when I'm listening to items more from the house-style end of my collection.  Otherwise, a lot of folksy music is my usual listening (Feist, needtobreathe, etc).  Mostly, these are about 256k+ CD rips on my netbook (Radeon HD 4200 sound card).


While design is nice, durability (think kevlar reinforcing of V-moda) is more key to me as I have 2 kids under 5 y/o and this represents an investment I'd rather they didn't destroy easily if they manage to get a hold of them.  Additionally, I would really love if they had in-line mic and volume control.


I think that's all, but if you have other questions, let me know so that I can get your expert feedback.  Thanks in advance!


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Check out the ones over at - I have the Brainwavz M2 and they are great all-around, and I hear the M3 is even better. They also have the SoundMagic PL-50 but I haven't heard much about that one.


You should definitely check out this thread:


Most of those don't have mics, but this one does and it looks good:


Good luck

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