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Audio-Technica ATH-ES10 (as universal headphones) for $350. Wise or Not?

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Now I use Sennheiser IE 4. Actually, I used to wear it for more than 2 years, but got tired with it.


Going to buy Audio-Technica ATH-ES10 for $350 (this price is bargain, other offers is over $400!).

In Russia it's cheapes price for headphones of this level. For instance Ultrasone PRO 900 is $550. 

I'm not so rich, and it's little overbudget, but I just love the view of ES10 unlike Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (but they sound good anyway and 1,5 times cheapest).


I like ES10 form-factor (closed), size (enoght portable) and sound (not an audiophile, just love music).

It will be the only (universal) headphones for (1)home, (2)walk and (3)work with my Cowon iAudio 7.


Genres of music: electro,pop/rock,heavy. Acoustic music sometimes. May be in the future some classic, but not right now.


Will be wise this purchase or not?


Thanks! Sorry for my English ;)

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Hi, again about ES10 ;)


It's a pity but it seems to me that theme about ES10 not a big deal.
I hoped owners and specialists will help me to make the right choice.
May be someone can recomend me other headphones for portable & home use?

One thing really disturbs me - quality of seams on headband and embouchures. I'd said not so good for such high headphone price. For $100 I wouldn't mind, but for $350... Could it be FAKE?!




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I speak with myself?

Nice to talk to a clever man, but I'll try once more to pay attention... :)

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I have a pair of ES10s.


I was looking for a decent pair of portable headphones, as IEMs are not always ideal for me, and I think the es10 are probably best for this. I also own the hd25 and m50 and prefer the sound of the ES10 over these as well as the looks.


I can't say I've had any issues with the quality of the seams or the durability in general, but I do try to take extra care of them. They aren't like the hd25s which can be chucked around.


Isolation is average, but it's good enough for me.


I doubt you'd be disappointed buying them and I can't think of an alternative, which is why I bought them.

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I love my ES10's and more now that I got them recabled balanced by Moon Audio. Separation and soundstage in general improved greatly. These phones don't get alot of love on Head Fi but I think it's because they're not that easy to obtain in the States. I like them more than my ESW-9's tho they're far less attractive. I guess I'm a bass head and the 10's just give me the wallop I need where the 9's are just a little too polite. The cups scratch easily but the dreaded fragile connector piece that I broke 3 times on the ESW-9's is much better designed and constructed. By the way Euphorine, that's an excellent price you were quoted. I paid about $550 US.


Also by the way they blow away the ATH-M50's which I also owned before my girlfriend broke them. They're in another league entirely. As far as music, good with metal, prog, electro, hip hop, classic rock. I would say their probably not best paired with the "intricate" stuff...classical and acoustic jazz.

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I recently bought the ESW9's. I was actually dissapointed with the sound, to my surprise. Too much bass, less detail then expected.

Maybe I have to get used to them (already burned in), no, can't say I'm satisfied, thinking of selling them.


I do have to say, they look nice, extremely nice.

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Thank you, Shamrock134, Raelamb, Proglover!


"isolation is average" - that's the question, will be isolation enough to hear in subway. During the day I spend near 50 minutes totally under ground (when I go from home to work and vice versa) and noise from trains is so loud, that you hardly can speak. I even hear It in my IEM.

"cups scratch easily" - that's was expected. I'd prefer less mirror surface, it's a bit sad if it'll happen soon.

"they blow away the ATH-M50" - really? That's great, but as I know, M50 is the favourite headphones of huge amount of people.

"ESW9 ... was actually dissapointed with the sound" - ... oops, that's awful. Compare to what headphones ESW9 is worse? If we discard appearance and take the same price - what is your choice? And at last ESW9 is not equal ES10, isn't it?

So, now is 2:15am and I should go to sleep. Tomorrow going to visit headphones shop... ;)

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Well, I don't like the sound signature I think, too much lows, not enough detail. It's about preferences, ESW9's aren't bad headphones.


And, ESW9 aren't EWS10's offcourse..


I use different headphones for different kinds of music, the ESW9 was for portable use, thinking things couln't get much better for that price. Actually I enjoy the AKG K450's moreblink.gif (pretty crazy!)


I like the DT770's much more then the ESW9's. More balanced bass, nicer, better detail, but those are circumaural, full size headphones.


My Grado's and full size AKG's (see my signature) are just very different cans, I'd say uncomparable to ESW9. I enjoy my Grado's the most of the headphones I have now. Nothing I have can beat that sparkly sound. But if it's other music than rock/metal, I grab my DT770's. If i occasionnally want to enjoy jazz or classical music, I put on the 501's. 

Originally Posted by euphorine View Post


"ESW9 ... was actually dissapointed with the sound" - ... oops, that's awful. Compare to what headphones ESW9 is worse? If we discard appearance and take the same price - what is your choice? And at last ESW9 is not equal ES10, isn't it?

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Funny how people hear things different. ESW-9's for me have too little sub-bass. What it does have for me on the bottom is although very precise just not enough weight. That's why I prefer the ES10's. I must say however I never had the opportunity to hear the ESW-10JPN's so I cannot compare.


Euphorine I do like the M50's alot, especially for a studio monitor, but they cannot compare to the ES10's. I think the reason everybody is enthralled with the 50's is because of the spectacular price. They are much like the Grado SR-60's or 80's, a great value for the money. I use my ES10's in the subway as well, rotating with my JH-16's and I also find the isolation "acceptable".

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Today listened ES10, and, on the occasion, I was able compare it with Denon AH-A100, Beyerdynamic T50p.


If I tried only ES10, I took it and went out! But...

But now sound that I heard from Denon AH-A100 haunts me! Clear open sound (closed headphones!) with dense, not excess bass. I fell in love with this sound. Unfortunately there are 2 big minuses for me. It's size more than I can allow on my head outside. And price in Russia for them is unacceptable - $700!!! Twice ES10!!! So It's great variant but not mine.

Beyerdynamic T50p is porridge in my ears. No high, no bass - just boo-boo-boo. And it's all for price equal ES10. Hell for what they take money.

So now I nearly realized that is ES10, and now I understood why Proglover said "too much lows, not enough detail". So I don't know, may be only for portable ES10 is ok. Because of size, appearance and comfortability (it's really very nice suited my head). Sound is strong 9 from 10 (wish have more detailed and spacy sound, want more treble). In the trip, on the street, with some noise background possibly ES10 is OK (I hope so). But obviously NOT UNIVERSAL! :( In quiet place want to hear more.

So it's time to say myself - save more money to buy another HOME headphones. But that's another story...

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I found a website offering the ATH-es10 For $300 within the US shipped. I was really skeptical with all the talk of the price, and seeing what people offered for them used here. I shot the website an email inquiring on things like where they'd gotten shipments and whether or not Audio Technica's warranty extended on the products this website sold. All seems to checkout. I've been monitoring their inventory viciously to ensure I'm not bought out. I'm planning on purchasing them this Friday, and they'll be my entry headphone into the "hi-fi" world, if these cans rank that high.

I'm a subway commuter, so isolation is pretty important. That's the only reason I'm weary about the purchase. Then again, on the headphones I enjoy currently there are very mixed reviews on whether or not the ANC feature merits its price jacking. I, however, am content with the isolation on them. I listen, most heavily, to pop, dance, rock, and hip-hop which according to review should suit this headphone well. I've heard the M-50s and I was very impressed, though not floored like some members whom swear by them. But I'm really excited to hear that these cans trounce those in every way, except price. I really wanted a pair of cans that I could lug back and forth to school on the train as a portable, but could really shine at home with a proper setup. These seem to checkout in all categories and suit my tastes to a T, so I hope all goes well with this purchase.

I have to find one of those AT-HPP5 cases too, somehow.

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Today I was offered "used" ES10 with a slight discount of $ 50.
Embouchures "virgin", but the mirror cup is already scratched, half of the surface abrasions.
It's a shame that offered like new, went and looked and left with nothing.

Did they so quickly scratched, that even out of the box led to such damage (may be not just this action led to this)?

Asked for an additional discount to the price dropped to $ 250 indecent.

If he agree, I'll take it. But I'm not sure he will agree.


Anyway, this fact makes me to think more carefully about other models of headphones.

Because sound is sound, but appearance is appearance.

Why they didn't make them black also?

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In the end, I've bought ES10!!!

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let us know what your thought are on them, once you have them:)

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