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Ultrasone fans!


We're offering 25% off of our whole range of Ultrasone headphones including the Signature Pro, Edition 5, IQ, Edition 12 and more!



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Originally Posted by aro View Post

Home improvement project: pads done with velvet? you can decide


- two rings, like in original pads, insides of memory foam(solid ring)+ring of soft cotton, mesh, plastic base cut from plastic cap-drilled-sanded holes 0.2mm aprox, did not check. Cost unknown, since I got enough foam for five more pairs+6 of slightly harder foam, other materials under 25eur total.Goal to get size and comfort to edition 10 level. Sound quality to be yet judged. Pictures separately prototype, on - 00 series:rolleyes:.


Looks great, impressions? I'm guessing lighter bass and more balanced sound. 

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Does anyone know of a suitable material to replace the black reflex dots on the metal plate? I have several pairs that I was looking to replace them on.
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does anyone know if the pro750 uses the same driver as the pro900?

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I could say, sounds a bit softer. Would like to try kees mod sometime too. Anyway I like the pads, should be an official option like this for people with sensitive ears. Memory foam and larger size.

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I ordered this cable for my (new) b-stock PRO 900(not i), for mobile use, if it sounds at least as good as stock mobile cable im happy. 



Not gonna pay the same amount for new cable than headphones.


I have some other new stuff coming too, so might tell my opinions. But I absolutely LOVE these headphones so far! (open headphones are not possible for my use).

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