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Im in the process of gathering materials for making new pads for 900 and other models of ultrasone(ears too big). Plan is to increase thickness to about 23-25mm when compressed. That is the thickness of ED10 and ED12 as shown in those pictures. Ill try to get leather for the pads, so will try to make a comparison too - no less, then 30 days away. Anyway for average person 200 worth of pads are close to half the price of 900's so would be overkill, even ED12's. I understand no one tried to use memory foam for ultrasone yet?

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should consider the sizes of the Jmoneypads... angled, really made the pro900 sing. 

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Do you know, how thick are they, or what type of foam is used(open cell, closed cell, mix of both)?  And I think of doing the same for ED12 and SigPro (1-2mm increase for ED12 and 4-5mm for SigPro). Since I do not think it will cost for me more than 80US per piece, plus no sending fees since it is local craftman. I see some quality issues with that company too, for now at least.

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this pad is about to give up its soul....measure off whatever u can gauge from the ruler,

it is not rocketscience, the other pad doesnt look as pleasing :P

Open or closed cell? ..hmmm cant tell, but it is quite firm...dun think it could breathe..all sealed up.


( bought this canwithpads fromheadfier brrgrr...if u need more info, u might wanna check with him....the backplastic ring is glued onto the leather. During its glorydays..




All the best !!

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Too thin for me, looks like original part was glued on pads, so works well, will see, what I can come up with. Thanks for photos.

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