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should consider the sizes of the Jmoneypads... angled, really made the pro900 sing. 

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Do you know, how thick are they, or what type of foam is used(open cell, closed cell, mix of both)?  And I think of doing the same for ED12 and SigPro (1-2mm increase for ED12 and 4-5mm for SigPro). Since I do not think it will cost for me more than 80US per piece, plus no sending fees since it is local craftman. I see some quality issues with that company too, for now at least.

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this pad is about to give up its soul....measure off whatever u can gauge from the ruler,

it is not rocketscience, the other pad doesnt look as pleasing :P

Open or closed cell? ..hmmm cant tell, but it is quite firm...dun think it could breathe..all sealed up.


( bought this canwithpads fromheadfier brrgrr...if u need more info, u might wanna check with him....the backplastic ring is glued onto the leather. During its glorydays..




All the best !!

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Too thin for me, looks like original part was glued on pads, so works well, will see, what I can come up with. Thanks for photos.

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Originally Posted by goldenSHK View Post

People have to accept on this thread that the Pro900 is more a polarizing headphone than most. It's not for everyone. I completely understand what some people are describing as harsh highs. The Pro900s are the headphones I listen to most at the moment because they are unmatched in their presentation of bass heavy music. I haven't found any headphone that can beat them - any. However, there are many times that I switch between them and my other headphones and realize just how distant the mids can be in comparison to more neutral headphones. It is what it is, and I love the Pro900s for what they are; and they are a very polarizing headphone. I haven't heard anyone say yet "The Pro900s are OK, just about what I expected." It's always more along the lines of the following two: "These things absolutely ROCK" or "Earbleeding trash/overpriced junk." That's ok for me because I belong to the former group rather than the latter. 


EDIT: Upon further thought of my post, maybe the TH900/TH600 can actually match the Pro900's presentation of bass heavy music - that I would probably agree with. 


Count me in the latter group.  You are absolutely right about them being polarizing.  The main issue though is that these perform the best with bass heavy music and many people were proclaiming how wonderful they were with movies, games and metal (LOL yeah right).  Then when someone would bring up the terribly recessed mids and ear piercing sibilance you would get replies of "Oh, you just need to burn them in for ten years" or "just adjust the ear cups and make sure you aren't a micrometer off in how they are positioned because they will radically alter the sound!".  Exaggerations of course, but there were a lot of claims along those lines.  These were the first item I've ever had buyer's remorse on.  The bass on them is quite amazing, but that's all these do well IMO. 


Not sure if you've ever heard them, but the Alpha Dogs have a really close, but not quite bass response as these, but are much more detailed among the rest of the frequencies without making it feel like the highs are driving nails into your ear drums.  They are also quicker and just as punchy.

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Still have these, although I was thinking about selling them recently because I don't really use them that much (at all).


What drew me into these most of all was the whole s-logic thing, which turned out to be not so revolutionary (big sucker for marketing!), although they sound pretty damn spacious for closed headphones. Problem is because of the very same s-logic I am very conscience about the positioning of them on my head and find myself fiddling with them a lot and the circular cups are quite shallow, and not too comfortable.


When I got into these I was coming from the ATH-M50 and thought that the V shaped sig. was all that. These do have delicious bass, and to me the highs are detailed and mostly not too sibilant, but compared to more mid centric phones, the differences in sound presentation are quite staggering.


These don't sound bad to me by any means and can be quite enjoyable depending on what you are listening to.

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do they make iPhone remote talk cable

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