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Oh yeah for sure.  The problem is I bought them from someone selling them used on amazon.  They said they got it for a gift.  When they arrived you could tell they were not lying but that person did not disclose where she bought them from.  I would imagine that would be very helpful when dealing with warranties.  I am sending them back to her.  And a new pair I bought directly from amazon will arrive saturday.  I can not wait.  So excited.  I am pretty sure everyone can relate to that feeling when you look forward to something and before you get to use it does not work.  But round two starts tomorrow lol.

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Some users stated the sound quality out of the box wasn't good.  I found them to get better over time, but I didn't find anything offensive out of the box.  Remember, they only get better...

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Good advice.

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The 900's sound quality is like the Tardis, bigger on the inside.

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You have just explained these headphones better than they will ever be.  

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So my replacement Ultrasone Pro 900 just arrived on Saturday at 11:10.  Thank you fedex.  Glorious day!!!!!

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Ok a little help.  The 900 I bought from that lady well the cables were different.  The non phone cord one was shorter.  I think it was a 750 cable.  Am I totally incorrect and just being paranoid?

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Plus she said she just got them and the cups were as soft as if someone had them for a long time.  My new 900 feel like when I got my 750. I think she was lying about the length of time she had them.  Am I right?

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Mine came with 2 pairs of velour pads. Not sure how long my straight cable is. Maybe 5 or 6 feet?
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Yeah, I don't know if I got used to the pads or they are already much softer from just this morning.  I think I listened to them today for about 12 hours.  

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Well I've finally finished reading through this entire thread.. I got my pro 900s about 2 weeks ago, here are my impressions.


Out of the box: Bass sounded bloated and boomy. Highs were not piercing to my ears like I was expecting and sounded great. ( This could be do to my ultra bright speakers in my car ). The mids are recessed and sound distant, however they are greatly detailed! The bass really tightened up ALOT with <20 hours of burn in.


These things are addicting with dubstep and trance. At night I can't take them off lol.


I really don't understand how some people can say that these sound fine out of an ipod.. lol what the hell are you listening to. The bass has no punch and everything just sounds weak like it's lost its life source.


They sound much better with my xonar dx. Good bass, lots of punch, but the extension is lacking. I cannot wait until I amp these properly, I know they will wow me even more.


These have amazing detail retrieval and it's almost impossible for me to listen to anything below 320/flac now because I know I'm missing out on so much.


I previously had the hfi-780 with the O2 amp. This headphone was very aggressive and in your face compared to the 900. It sounded ok, but had no where near the amount of bass needed for bass heavy EDM music. I returned both and decided to just get the pro 900 and wait to amp in the future. People that say amping doesn't make a difference need to stop with the facade.. If I can hear a difference in the hfi 780, the pro 900 must be night and day.. we'll see.


The 900 is all around better than the 780 especially the SQ, bass, and soundstage.


S-logic is indeed kind of weird, but I like it. The instrument separation is superb. It kind of sounds like I can hear more sounds and details out of the left driver than the right, but I think this has to do with S-logic.. Everything is plugged in fine. I bought mine from B&H for $327.00.


I switched from the original stock pads to the other black ones because they are softer and more comfortable. I still need to do some more experimenting with the pads.


I'm pleased with my purchase, but I would like to listen to another pair to compare what I hear.


Edit: I plan on getting a fiio E11/E12 ( anyone know anything about the 12?) or maybe the E17. If anyone can compare the dac on a xonar dx with the E17 that would be awesome!

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I use asus xonar essence stx which is really good with a built in amp.  But the cost is 180.  The sound production and amp is great.  Well I think "i" products don't put out enough power to meet the ohm's of this particular headphone.  I use my phone which has beats audio which puts out higher voltage to amplify but sadly it is also a ****ty equalizer but does fine since I just want listen to music.  Thanks for the tip about the back up pads being soft.  The ones that come originally on were a tad bit too firm.

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Received these earlier this week. Very very very satisfied with them. I have to say I was slightly underwhelmed at first by the signature but as I continued to listen I pretty much fell in love. Psychological burn-in is certainly a real thing. 


Any song suggestions to take these cans to their limit? Don't worry about genre--musical preference has nothing to do with this experiment. 

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The knife makes amazing music for for headphones with good bass.  Purity ring also makes very well mastered and fun music.

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Try Nelly Furtado's Party's Just Begun.  I have it on the Brokedown Palace OST.  Pretty nice about 10 seconds in.

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