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Help a teenager avoid buying Dr. Dre Beats

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Hey all


 I'm not a true audiophile but I can appreciate a nice sound ( I own both Etymotic ER6i's and Audio Technica ATHM40FS) and I'm not too much into heavy bass, yet I can't say the same thing for my teenager cousin. For Christmas,my 16 yr. cousin wants Dr. Dre Beats (for $180?!?) but I've heard what a mess they are.... she really doesn't know any better and wants them because all her friends have them and they say they sound "good". Sure....  I want to help my Aunt out to buy her a nice pair of cans for Christmas but for $100 or less. So what does the jury say would be the best pair for a teen who would probably like more bass cause she listens to the top 40 songs. Thanks everyone for your imput!

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Audio Technica m50 can be had for around 100 and has great bass.  

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If somebody wants something solely for the bing/social acceptance factor there will be no convincing them that any alternative will do, in this case its not about the sound its about the "look". Trust me I have a sister, two actually but only one is especially bad about this type of thing. I am also in to photography and know a fair bit about it and was recommending cameras along the lines of the SX1000 (a few years ago) or similar. Here reaction was "but its so ugly and I MUST have a green camera", green was her main criteria. Now she has some super cheap green Nikon and bitches that it takes terrible pictures. Some people must learn on their own. 

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Most teens just do the herd thing and get whatever is in vogue.   Sounding good is a justification, the actuality is to have the in thing.


I thought it was cute that a train full of teenagers one weekend commute were comparing their Monster earphones (Lady Gaga, Tour High, Beats Solo, etc) and talking about which one sounded great.  Most of the discussion was about how great they looked and less about sound.


This is just fashion, there's no rhyme or reason.  As George Bernard Shaw stated, "fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic."

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Being female, looks would matter a lot. She'd most likely show em off, so I'd go for the ES7.


Based on experience. ES7s bought (for the same purpose): 3.

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Yep, unfortunately this is a battle you're not going to win. It's funny how teenagers often spout off about being "unique", and by "unique" of course they mean doing everything everybody else does because clever marketing told them to.


I'd say get her something completely different from headphones with your money--something she'd really like and which doesn't make you feel like you're knowingly getting ripped off. Besides, she's 16, and even if it's a bad economy I'm sure she can find a job and get her own Beats. Fashion accessories are best bought by the wearer.

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The Audio Technica ES7s are amazing for the sub $100 price. Get that if you can't get her what she wants.

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If you don't mind paying $200, you can get the ATH-ESW9 or Denon AHD 2000

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He will succumb to the trendblink.gif

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i have heard that the dre beats solo's are pants, the best of the beats range are studios and tours, but that is if you like super DEEP bass that rattles your head.

a good pair of headphones are the senheisser hd25 mk II , or if your on a tight budget and you like bass try sony xb500's

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If she's stuck on the Monster brand, try pushing her toward Turbines?.. 

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make sure she stays away from the so called "JUST BEATS" ... justin bieber solo's deadhorse.gif

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In my opinion, if you try to get something else and don't get the beats for her, she will be either unhappy or disappointed.  I'm sorry, but being sixteen , you just want to be in the crowd or at least not stick out with something they don't understand.

As far as headphones goes for her, her friend will affect her decision on what sounds good to her regardless what the truth is. 


If you plan to get a different headphone for her, don't even try to convince her that it is better.


I say find something that has comparable bass and definitely the looks gotta be good and not to you, but to her.


for me, I would of just made it simple and get the beats for her or either that get something else beside headphones. To me her mind is probable set on those as far as headphones. I don't see anything is wrong with that, sure in reality it may not sound as good as other headphones, but the fact that she thinks it sounds better or worth the $180 than the money is well spent. kind of like a placebo effect.  also if she will be using it a lot.  Basically how much the headphone or any product is worth is how you value it.


hopefully you get the idea, if not, go around and tell people you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on headphone and see the reaction.biggrin.gif


or better yet imagine you wanted a particular headphone for christmas (grados, At's, senns, etc) and you end up finding the beats headphone under the tree.

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Just let her get the Beats (please not JustBeats though). And hope that it'll open a pathway to better headphones in the future.




Or maybe she'll just evolve to a Bose-ian.

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